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"Magehunters are not just cold-blooded killers. We are people that search for those that maybe don't understand how at risk they are, or are just plain evil, and we send them to the best place for them. The Isle is a sanctuary for them, really."
Invila, Magehunter
  A Magehunter is a person who is tasked with searching for and taking down rogue mages in the continent of Arrasgoth who are not on the Isle of the Tranquil. They hunt down any arcane magical caster that hasn't been sent to live with the other arcane magic users and use force if necessary to restrain or, on occasions, to kill the mage. It is rumoured that these Magehunters actually have arcane magic themselves but this has never been confirmed.   This title is gained not only through rigorous physical training, but also through mental and emotional testing to make sure the person is fit to cope with what they might face. Magehunters are taught in secret and are fully undercover so there is no way to tell whether someone is a Magehunter or not. A Magehunter is told to never reveal themselves and to never get caught, as if they are caught, no one will come to help them.


A Magehunter needs to pass a series of tests set for them by the Grand Magehunter. It is almost impossible to choose to become a Magehunter - they are chosen to become Magehunters by the Grand Magehunter. Once they have passed his or her tests, then they are sent out on their first true missions and left to fend for themselves. It is expected that a Magehunter can handle themselves at this point, but they can return to any Magehunter base to recoup if the need arises. They are expected to learn as they are working and to always be looking for new ways to improve themselves.
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