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Reivan Arms and Armour

Reivan arms and armour are made in a variety of patterns, but like any Reivan equipment, all are crafted with exacting standards for quality from Reivan steel.  


Reivans have historically not engaged in offensive warfare, and the primary hostile threats in the Reivan Wastes are bestial or monstrous in nature. As such, Reapon weaponry heavily favours pole weapons oriented towards group defense and hunting capability: spears, pikes, halberds, glaives, and poleaxes are the predominant melee weapons. The prevalence of spears also leads to a preference for javelins. Small axes and knives are produced, but primarily serve as utilitarian tools, not as weapons of war. Weapons and tools are typically entirely metallic in construction, eschewing wooden shafts in favour of steel. This is due both to a shortage of wood in the ashlands, and also for its poor durability against ashen winds. For the same reasons, crossbows are preferred over traditional bows.   Swords, daggers, battleaxes, the brutish weapons of orcish raiders, and the vicious cruelty of drow weapons, are all viewed with a measure of disdain, regarded as the implements of bloodthirsty murderers and maruaders rather than of stalwart defenders. It is all but unheard of for a Reivan to voluntary wield any such weapon. The famous dwarven preference for axes is a curious exception to this value: dwarven use of axes is never looked down upon in Reivan society, with no apparent recognition of the double standard. Battleaxes are, in fact, forged in considerable quantity for trade with dwarven clans. Swords and daggers are also crafted for trade as well, but only in small numbers, for fear of arming potential enemies.  


When leaving the shelter of the reiva, Reivans always wear steel armour over woolen gambesons or leather padding. Any less is to tempt death from the many hazards of the ashlands.   Although some Reivan warriors will wear full plate armour, this is relatively uncommon, as a quality Reivan brigandine cuirass offers protection equal to or surpassing that of a outlander heavy plate cuirass, while affording greater flexibility of the hips and spine. As such, the baseline armour for most Reivans begins with a gambeson and brigandine cuirass. Additional elements are added based on need and the preferences of the wearer, with nearly all Reivan men wearing at least a helmet with face protection, and spaulders to protect the shoulders. For those preferring additional protection, additions will begin to include:  
  • an avential or gorget to protect the neck
  • splint reinforcement over the limbs
  • vambraces, greaves, and cuisse to protect the limbs
  • sabatons and gauntlets
  • poleyn and couter for the knees and elbows
  • pauldrons and gardbraces to replace the basic spaulders
  • besegaws, rondels, and a chain underlayer to protect gaps in the armour


  Images of an outlander equipped in Reivan brigandine and plate.