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White Dragonborn

The White Dragonborn. They are a secluded people, residing only in Winter's Heart deep in the realms of the Frozen Kingdoms. Of what little is known of them, they serve as protectors and guardians of the Ever-Ice Glacier. No one knows when they began this task or why. However, what is known is they respect the authority of both the White Spire Kingdom and that of the Kingdom of the Frozen Citadel. Those bearing letters of writ signed by both are the only ones permitted entry and rights to mine the Ever-Ice but only with their supervision and limitations.


Major language groups and dialects

Draconic and Common.

Shared customary codes and values

From what little outsiders know, their culture revolves around the protection of the Ever-Ice Glacier while rendering respect to the Crowns of the Frozen North.

Cover image: Dragonborn Thief by Ehkion


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