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Dorn's Rest

Welcome one and all to Dorn's Rest! What? No! I ain't Dorn himself. I simply run the place for him as he's the one who had this fine establishment built up! Me? Oh, thanks fer asking! Me name's Targ! Targ Greenbarrel at ye service! Yeah, O'l Dorn picked a good place to set up shop! Right 'ere in Sandy Creek, Dorn's Rest is the best tavern on the docks, if I do say so meself! Because of our location and being under the protection of the Kingdom Of Ameriel, we got folks from all over 'round here! We get regulars from the Legion Of The Lionheart, Lazurite Academy and the Legio Custodes. None on official business mind ye. We run things above board 'round 'ere. Well, in they eyes anyway.    What's that? What we offer? Oh right! Let me git me glasses here, ahem, right, we gots room fer rent o'course. Dependin' on what ye want or can afford, we got a place for ye regardless. For ye folk with, more expensive tastes, we got rooms goin' fer 20 Gold per day. Uh, just the 4 though. For ye hard adventurers returnin' from a, uh, profitable journey, we have rooms to ease yerselves into going in at 5 Gold a day. Just finished a small job or if ye won yeself some gold, we got rooms at 3 Gold a day. Just helped some bloke with a small problem and got paid? We gots rooms for ye at 1 Gold a day. If ye just startin' yer adventurin' career, we gots rooms goin fer 2 Silver a day. If ye came on hard times and down on ye luck, we still got rooms for ye at 1 Silver a day. Each cost comes with 3 meals a day so don't worry about that there. Speaking of food! Our menu is the best you'll find anywhere! We have steak, prime rib, tenderloins, filet mignon, sausages and bacon all from varying animals and the like ranging from regular cattle like cows and pigs to more unique and interesting creatures like Owlbears, Chimeras and Vroks! We don't serve the "other white meat" 'round here though. House rules. For those of a bit of the healthier appetite (though nuthin more healthy than meat in my eyes) we have fruits of all kinds and vegetables as well. You'll find Apples, Nuts of every kind, Oranges, Strawberries, Dragonfruit, Bananas, Kiwi, Berries of all kinds, Coconuts and some ye will only find in the isles of Malu Malu, Drow Republic or the deserts of Kalahari!    Got a bit of the itch to fight? We gots a fighting ring down below and if ye think we have what it takes, you can participate yerself if ya like! Got the gold to gamble? We gots a gambling den upstairs on the top floor. Lose and win only what ya risk ye hear? Be it coin, items or favors, is on you! For those wanting......a um....pleasurable company, we gots a few.....other rooms towards the aft that we the hour. Don't ye ladies feel left out now! We have gents who will ah.....yer...frustrations...Ahem. Right for those able to sing DECENTLY or play music GOOD, we gots a stage fer ye and we will take 10 percent of yer tips and the rest be yours. As befitting our location and the owner, any one willing to work on a ship can sign up there and captains can do interviews as needed.   Oh right, for those lookin' fer jobs ta be done and money to be made we gots our list o'jobs that need gettin done. Speak to meself for more.....lucrative jobs or see the notice board fer anything run o' the mill. Right then! That covers everythin' I believe. Make yerself comfortable and find a seat. One o' the barmaids will be with ye shortly!
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