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Bronze Dragonborn

Ah The Bronze Dragonborn Clan. They are the residents of Sun Warrior City and they alone hold the secrets to the monastic traditions of this great place. They are a good people who have accepted students from every nation in Arelia  to teach them their monastic ways. Despite their martial focus they have a unique lifestyle and culture that can only be seen in Sun Warrior City. They also have a particular affinity for all fire and light based magics.    To say that they are masters of their craft would be a great mistake. You see their children are more along the lines of experienced warriors. They spend every waking moment practicing and honing their skills in the art of combat and war. Not just their bodies, but their hearts, minds and souls as well. For it is their belief that life itself is the epitome of combat. One struggles with new challenges everyday and must find ways of overcoming them. Only by uniting heart, mind, body and soul can this be achieved.    Given all of this, one would think them perfectionists but this is not true. For you see, they are quite emotional people but not immature and prone to tantrums. No. The Bronze Dragonborn Clan are emotional yes, yet they are also emotionally mature. They still feel deeply and do enjoy the partaking of merriment whenever they can but they enjoy emotions and are not ruled by them. They know that they are all mortal and as such beyond perfection. Instead of this defeating them mentally they accept their imperfections for they know they simply must strive to be better than the individual they were yesterday.    Throughout all of Arelia, Bronze Dragonborn are known as capable warriors in fist, spell or blade. They are also known for being stalwart friends and allies. Despite these excellent attributes, it is their secret monastic traditions they are most well known for.


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