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Vallar Redheart

Seraph Knight Vallar Arrliot Prottagos, the Valiant (a.k.a. The Red Dragon) ((Born Redheart))

"He was the greatest hero who ever lived, and he was your father."   -Arushala Ivorcoat, to Pyre Redheart-

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Vallar is a hale and healthy man with a broad chest and well toned figure. He has long flowing chestnut brown hair often fashioned into a ponytail.

Special abilities

During his travels through The Drylands Vallar encountered a legendary weapon, the harbinger to his fame and glory. A flaming schimtar by the name of Shamsir found deep within the catacombs beneath The Golden Dunes.   This legendary weapon is capable of igniting and shifting its form into a multitude of different weapons.

Specialized Equipment

Vallar Redheart as a heroic figure is most often associated with his custom made armor designed for him by The Helosguard. It has a blazened red sheen to a ochre golden coated metal of hardened steel. The intricate details embossed into his armor depict iconography from the Church of Helios and fully covers the body with a chestplate, greaves, gauntlets, pauldrons, and uniquely shaped helmet.   A long silver-white cloak with the Church of Helios icon finely threaded into the fabric hangs from the pauldrons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

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Vallar Redheart was born to a noble couple of House Prottagos in the midst of the Arrborian Plague, which devastated the last remaining members of the house. He has always been described as a kind and happy boy during his days at the Halcyon Day Orphanage. According to the couple who run the orphanage, Vallar was supposed to become a political prisoner of the rival House Debtter upon the death of his parents, a house servant made off with the young baby and brought him to the orphanage for safekeeping.
  As a child, he was best friends with one Arushala Ivorcoat and their companion Vicarys Bloodheart. He would often put himself between his friends to stop them from fighting, even if it meant suffering their blows himself. As they became older, Vallar was often the glue that held the trio of friends together, appealing to both their senses of reason and emotion.   When his friend Vicarys Bloodheart ran away from home, it left him deeply saddened. During this bout of depression, Vallar would assault his adoptive father for driving his friend away; soon after he would depart his home of Hero's Hill Village to the Schools of Magic in Lithos and complete the trials of The Wall of Paxum to earn a position as a member of the The Hadanguard.


Vallar would go on to attend the Schools of Magic within Lithos with his friend Arushala Ivorcoat but quickly found that he lacked the attentiveness for the details associated with learning complex magics. After a heartfelt goodbye only two years into their time together, Vallar would journey to The Wall of Paxum to go train with the legendary warriors of Fervor at the Schools of Hadan.   The grandiosity of the megastructure proved to be too much for the young Vallar, who barely escaped the dungeon with his life and found refuge with a traveling caravan of Meinongian merchants. They tended to his health and he would eventually join their caravan as a sellsword.


As a sellsword, Vallar explored much of the world and found himself fascinated with its wonders. He found happiness in the simplicity of life as a traveling mercenary and soon found himself in the employ of the Red Dragons Mercenaries Guild faction. There he was reunited with his childhood friend Vicarys Bloodheart.   The two of them would become well known heroes througout The Drylands saving merchant caravans from roaming bandits, liberating priceless treasures from greedy tokage clan lords, and making a living adventurously. These good times would come to an end though when Vicarys would come under the influence of the powerfully ambitions warlord Au Shah the Magnificient. Vallar and Au Shah rarely saw eye to eye and the party would soon fall apart as Au Shah's crude interests caused a falling out.   Vallar would continue to travel the lands of Aristolia as a mercenary for hire, making a name for himself and accomplishing heroic feats. He went on to train with the Mein'ong monks atop the Aegispeak Mountains mountains and honed his body and mind for many years. There he would befriend a Fervorian Hoplite who agreed to train him if he could make it through the Wall of Paxum.   After several years, Vallar successfully traversed the dungeon and would go on to train with the legendary warriors at the Schools of Hadan.

Accomplishments & Achievements

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It is unknown how exactly Vallar Redheart accomplished immortality, but many believe it was due to the acts of his good friend Arushala Ivorcoat, who, later in his life revealed knowledge of Vallar's noble lineage to him through the many books he had read and fostered a good personal friendship with Vallar.
  Vallar would go on to join forces again with his friends Arushala Ivorcoat and Vicarys Bloodheart to take down the oppressive forces of Emperor Nefaros and his plans to rule the world from the seat of the Empire of Blackhearth. The trio would make a decision that would forever change the world of Ardras.   After the defeat of Emperor Nefaros, Vallar was knighted by Arushala as "Seraph Knight Vallar Arrliot Prottagos, the Valiant" and entered into the hallowed forces of The Helosguard as one of Arushala's personal attendents, bodyguards, and close advisor. Together they brought back order to a chaotic empire.

Failures & Embarrassments

Nobody knows much about the disappearance of Vallar Redheart, only that his home had burned down and only the young orphaned Pyre Redheart remained among the ashes. If anything, one of his greatest failures was not being there for his son, as the young Pyre Redheart would become a well known and rebellious young street fiend and a general nuisance to market vendors and merchants all across Mandas.

Mental Trauma

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Vallar struggles with the guilt of punching his adoptive father, and this guilt has been carried on his shoulder his whole life. He often struggles with deciding whether his actions are right or wrong. He is easily influenced by his friends and often is besides himself with the proper answer for things.   He has seen both his friends grow old and worn down by their immortality, deep down he is very world-weary.

Intellectual Characteristics

Vallar is very emotionally intelligent, and is more concerned with emotions than he is with logic. Of course, he also understands the necessity of sacrificing one to save the whole. He often ponders good and evil with his head up in the clouds and seems to lack attentivity except in the most tense of circumstances.   Vallar can often be best described as "often in his own head," and he haplessly traverses the world of Ardras, absorbing and learning from the many cultures he encounters.

Morality & Philosophy

Vallars two biggest influences in his life are his childhood friends Arushala Ivorcoat and Vicarys Bloodheart. He has always held the line between being understanding of his troubled friend Vicarys, and his accomplished friend Arushala. Between the two of them he tries his best to appeal to both natures.   Vallar is particularly fond of Fervorian philosophies which instruct one to live a rigid and disciplined lifestyle, but also to adopt a curious mindset about the world and to go forth doing great things.

Personality Characteristics


Vallar wants to help the people around him.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Vallars good nature helps him get along with most everyone that he meets, quickly making friends out of barkeepers, merchants, and even wealthy nobles. His folk hero status has earned him a welcome spot in almost every tavern across the roads of Aristolia. He is however always humble about his fame, and his modesty makes him even more popular.


Family Ties

In the later years of his life, Vallar met a young Aristolian woman by the name of Kendall Nightwood, a tavern maid at the docks of Mandas who coincidentally attended the same orphanage that Vallar did in his youth.   The two made a home together in the upper districts of Mandas with the help of Arushala Ivorcoat. Together they had a son by the name of Pyre Redheart.

Social Aptitude

Being a well known hero, charisma appears to come easily to Vallar. Despite his widespread popularity, Vallar keeps a close relationship with very few people.


Vallar is a kind hearted person and has an almost boyish child-like aura about him. He strives to bring happiness to those around him, and has a well-known laugh amongst his friends and companions. He is open hearted and a pleasure to be around.

Wealth & Financial state

Vallar cares very little for wealth or gold, and contributes his accumulated wealth towards charitable causes, particularly to orphanages and to those who take care of children.
Neutral Good
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Seraph Knight | The Valiant
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Chestnut Brown, Long Ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
210 lbs
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • Common
  • Arrisdrian
  • Lithoi
  • Old Arrisdrian
  • Meinong

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