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The Nameless Desolate

“Emptiness. Nothingness. Here reigns the lonely wind among desolate empty dunes. Devoid of life, devoid of soul. It’s bloodred sands a warning to turn back and run.”   -A random explorer

Lifeless sea of Sands

  Found south beneath the Baobao savanna is lifeless land of the Nameless desolate. Here, there is barely any growth with an intense heat scorching the flat desert land underneath the sun, or freezing it beneath the moon.   It has long been renowned and feared as a massive graveyard for all things that had once lived. The sands are strewn with bones of various animals and people that have entered the region, never to return.   The few creatures which reside within this extreme habitat are but a handful of scavengers such as vultures and coyotes.  

Den of Witchcraft

  Due to the absolute lack of anyone sensible having any interest in the lands of the desolate, it has become a free-zone for all manners of dark arts practitioners to take advantage of. The plethora of bones and carcasses turning it into a practical cornucopia of black magic reagents laying strewn across the crimson sands.   While most cultists that brave the desolate end up dead, mainly through thirst or starvation, the few that manage the trials of the desert tend to turn out incredibly powerful due to the fluctuations of foul magic in the air.  

Scarlet Sands, Azure Seas.

  On the coasts, located to the west of the desert, one can find a vast amount of goblin outposts and resorts, where parts of the seaside have been terraformed into a set of beautiful gardens with luxurious palaces resting on makeshift sandstone hills.   Should one unfortunate soul find themselves in sight of such highrises, it is recommended to trek all the way back through the deserts again, as death by heat generally beats a lifetime of debt.  

The Lost Library

  Beyond solitude and body parts, another attraction which brings cultists to the desolate is the so-called lost library. A legend of a magically enchanted library which conjures copies of all destroyed books.   The myth speaks of its location being hidden within one of the many rock formations that can be found throughout the region.   Searching for the library is considered to be folly though, as not only is there no physical proof of its existence within the civilised world. It is also a death wish to search among the few places one might find wild beasts that gladly would snack on mortals for dinner.
Writing by Tonarus
Art AI generated with Midjourney
"A library of sand, hoarding all the lost knowledge of the world, somewhere forgotten in a desert wasteland? Childrens fairytales."   -Omar the Enlightened


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