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Holy Alchemist

They saw nothing. It all happened so fast, as one moment the beastmen axes were cleaving the bones of the Zarkanian wardens, the other they lay smouldering in the sands.   It started with a thick smoke covering the fields. A smell of herbs strung the throats of the raiders, causing them to cough uncontrollably while their entire world started spinning. Then came a storm in the shape of a fair skinned middle aged man, dancing through the throng through a flurry of parkour rolls, kicks, sabre slashes and furious flails of a censer.   The warchief watched with wide bloodshot eyes as his warriors fell one by one to an impossible amount of twirls and rolls through the air, as each hit of the censer caused the beastkin to explode on impact. Though the madness did not stop there, as any man they had not delivered the lethal blow towards rose from the vapours. Their wounds all healed and soothed.  

Pride of Zarkania

  Trained on the highest reaches of Mt Maisha. Through shirtless meditation in the snow to walking barefoot through smouldering coal. The Holy Alchemist is the most elite warrior of Zarkania for a reason. Practising balance between body and mind to extremes, including mastering the blade, flail, parkour and alchemical magic.   Once they can move like the wind and carve with grace, these combat healers receive their alchemic censers.  

The Philosophers Censer

  The censers of the Holy Alchemist consist of a runic steel incense burner attached to a chain link. Within the burner, a philosopher's stone is attached. Allowing the wielder to imitate all the five elements.   Due to this, the alchemist can harness fire and water from the lands, combining them into rising steam or incense. As can they strike foes with the viscous force of earth or fire or both, among only a few examples of the near limitless possibilities possessed by the curious weapon.  

The art of Kupiga Radi

  Kupiga radi is the name of the peculiar martial style which the alchemists practice. It involves swift and gracious movements with a good amount of flair. Utilising swift and brutal movements of sweeping and swinging hooks, elbow strikes, kickboxing and momentum.   The origin of the martial arts have its roots in the Viper Style techniques, developed by the halfling people to topple foes far larger than themselves by exploiting momentum in enemy attacks. Effectively allowing them to dance past their attacks and deliver poisoned cuts to their limbs.   The kupiga radi has the same philosophy of toppling greater opponents, though takes a more aggressive stance of outpacing the foe with cuts and swipes against vital spots. Teaching them to often not strike a single enemy more than once or twice before switching targets.  
“The spirits have whispered your name. You are found guilty of black magic. Surrender now or I’ll see your entire castle crumble to dust.”   -Holy Alchemist, before turning a castle to dust


  The Holy Alchemist tends to wear light, breathable and flexible gear, such as fur, leather and riveted half plates. They generally prefer not to be hit at all, but strategically wear the plate in the least restrictive yet most crucial places like over the organs, wrists and shins, where they can utilise the armour to deflect blows and riposte.   It is also common for them to wear different trinkets and jewellery of gemstone and bones in bangles around their arms, or necklaces and facial piercings. These accessories are imbued with the gifts of different loa, granting them unique powers and boons both outside and within combat.
Writing by Tonarus
Art AI generated with Midjourney
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