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Baobao Savanna

Found within the central-western most region of the Aetherian continent. This tropical savanna is known as a melting pot between all the different people and cultures that reside within the southern lands.   As such, the region serves both as a hotspot for trade, but also armed conflicts as various different groups seek control over the strategic locations.  

Mighty Baobab

  The savanna is named after its large and ancient trees that grow out of the shrub and grass filled soil. Soaking up moisture from the nearby lands, the tree plays a vital role within its ecosystem by providing the locals with both fruit, water, medicinal remedies and versatile bark.   Recently, the tree has been threatened by goblin industrialism, which has sparked conflict between the small green gremlins and the local tribes that seek to uphold balance between mortal and nature.   It is also the home of the centaur tribes and the loa spirit known as Mti-mtu, the guardian of all baobab and patron deity of the horse like beastfolk.  

Open Flats

  Unlike the mountainous northern Bonedry Badlands or the jungles of K’ghatt to its south, the Baobao savanna is almost completely flat with tufts of grass and shrubbery being commonly found among the rare lake or hill.   Sometimes the savanna is known as the great hunting grounds of Aetheria due to the vast amount of animals that reside within. Sporting everything from prides of lions to tigers, hyena, wild dogs, zebra, giraffe and stampeding hordes of gazelle, oxen and great reptiles.   Most dangerous of them all though is the gargantuan Hellbadger. A creature not actually demonic, but granted its sinister name due to its lethal nature and status as an apex predator of the fields.
Writing by Tonarus
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"Mighty lifegiver"


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