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Wizards are professional spellcasters that typically rely on Ordered Spellcraft to learn and wield a variety of offense, defensive, support, and utilitarian spells. Through their spellcasting ability powerful wizards can control the battlefield, using spells that affect wide areas, assist in society through magic, or discover fundamental metaphysical truths while also learning to use powerful rituals of arcane power.



A wizard studies ritual magic which usually includes Ordered Spellcraft. Licensing organizations have cropped up in cities and most urban regions require wizards to have licenses in order to do public services.



People filled with wisdom, meant to guide and help others with using spellcraft; spellcraft teacher; philosopher of magic

Social Status

Most societies revere a wizard for their wealth of knowledge



Generally, a wizard prepares spells by studying their personal spellbook. Magical notation, however, while it relies on common concepts to describe the forces invoked in any given incantation, is individual to each user, so while two wizards may know the identical process to create the identical spell effect, each will notate the spell somewhat differently. A skilled wizard can decipher another's spell notation, given time and favorable conditions for study. Of course, wizards being wizards, most know a simple spell to simplify even this task.


When casting spells, wizards often use magical implements such as staffs, orbs, or wands. These implements concentrate the arcane power in a spell, increasing its effectiveness. All wizards have a degree of specialization in implements, preferring one kind over another. Some take a liking to orbs, which they use to increase the duration of their spells' effects. Others prefer using wands to enhance their accuracy or staffs to defend themselves.

Provided Services

The most basic spells available to wizards require little skill on the part of the wizard in order for them to be cast. Such spells are typically small tricks of magic such as creating a light source, a sound, or moving a small object telekinetically.   Wizards are also skilled in the use of rituals, powerful spells that require a significant amount of time and energy to cast, thereby making them impractical in battle but immensely useful in non-combat applications.

Alternative Names
Spellcaster, Sage

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