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Succubi are female demons known for their hedonistic tendencies in the physical world. They generally have the appearance of human women adorned with various demonic features such as a tail, bat-like wings and horns on their heads. They tend to be viewed as extremely attractive by most and seduce humanoids for their vitality, usually through sexual activity.

Basic Information


Succubi all share the body of a human female despite the pointed ears, curved horns growing from the skull, bat like wings growing from the back, and long, slender tails that end in a heart-shaped tip that connects at the base of the spine. Their builds range from having full, voluptuous bodies, to having petite and slender frames. Despite the variations, all are beautifully lewd, arousing the desire of men.   Unlike most spirits, succubi have a physical organic body from birth and rarely exist in an ethereal state.

Biological Traits

Agelessness: Succubi don't die from natural causes like aging or infectious disease so many can live for centuries and millennia. They can still be killed by mortal injury or curses to their incorporeal form.   Enhanced Hearing: A Succubus's ears are capable of direction-focused hearing and are employed mainly for the purposes of extremely effective eavesdropping.   Self-Powered Flight: In their native physical form, succubi can use their membraneous wings for flying. Possession of beings that lack wings or shapeshifting into a wingless form will make the succubus flightless for the time being.   Supernatural Beauty: A Succubus native physical form is always, and under any circumstances, physically, personally and socially perfect, graceful and flawless, without anything that would make them look unattractive or distract from their presence.   Sex Change: Succubi are able to change the sex of their created physical into a male form known as an Incubus. While they become male including their reproductive systems, everything else stays the same: hair, eye, skin color, general facial features, body-structure, etc. The change also isn't permanent as it requires a small amount of concentration to maintain and thus can't be maintained while asleep or unconscious. As males, incubi can produce sperm and impregnate humanoid females including other succubi.   Incorporeal Manifestation: A succubi can take on a spiritual form composed of demonic teleplasm, although most find the lack of physical sensations in this state unsettling.   Possession: Succubi in their incorporeal form can enter the bodies of corporeal beings in an attempt to control their bodies.   Hypnotic Induction: Succubi can influence the minds of others through hypnosis. People within a hypnotic state are more open to suggestion or doing things that they subconsciously want to do.

Ecology and Habitats

Succubi typically live near or among the humanoids that need either to feed off of or for reproduction. Due to their poor reputation and tendency to cause trouble, most have a hard time staying in close-knit rural communities so larger urban places are better.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The main form of sustenance for succubi is the vitality of humanoids, which they extract from them through sexual intercourse in their corporeal forms. They can continually feed from the same individual but doing so can lead to the victim's health deteriorating.   Succubi can also consume organic food and water like animals and people in their physical forms to nourish them. Succubi can also convert large amounts of ambient mana in the environment into energy for themselves. These alternative sources of food can sustain a succubus but most prefer their instinctive desire for sexual energy.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

ESP: Extrasensory Perception is the default set of senses for a succubus. This includes clairvoyance, which is sight using psychic energy that allows them to perceive the spirit realms. Also includes telepathy which allows for distant communication through psychic force.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Succubi are born female and most stay that gender their whole lives. Some are more genderfluid and will prefer their incubus form. Regardless femininity is highly regarded, especially in regards to sexuality.

Common Dress Code

Succubi are interesting due to their lax and accepting sexuality as a whole. Most don't have or aren't raised to have a sense of modesty of their body since most want to encourage sexual attraction in most situations. While most wouldn't be offended by their kind or other humanoids being nude in public, some live in communities where other races prefer to be clothed. For succubi that want to stay in those places, they often wear as little clothing as they can get away with. Some have grown to actually like wearing provocative clothes opposed to nudity, as they feel what people imagine would be underneath would be more alluring.


Succubi are one of the many types of demons created by the Shaytan during the Ghulat Wars. The first succubus, Lilth was created using the lust of men and the femme fatale archetype within the collective unconsciousness. Instinctively she would seduce men of various races to weaken their forces and drain them of their life to sustain herself. She also gave birth to her direct offspring the Lilim, who then begot more of the race. Like most demons, they were met in combat by god appointed and gifted heroes, those of particularly strong will to fend of their seduction.   Late within the era, a civil war of sorts started with the race against Lilith's reign. There was an individual succubus who unlike most of kind, opposed much of the demons evil acts and self-centered philosophy. While most sided with Lilith to continue their innate nature and habits, the a few beings of other races sided with that succubus to fight against the demonic forces. By the end of the war, nearly all demons were wiped out, including nearly every single succubus. Details are sketchy but a recently discovered scrolls detail that the succubus and the youngest of Lilith's direct offspring, were able to survive the demon eliminating threat to slowly repopulate the almost extinct race.   Modernity   Succubi are the only demons left in existence that could qualify as a race, as any other demon lineage was killed off or devolved into feral beasts banished to a closed off spirit realm. The new breed of succubi are thought to free from being inherently evil like their progenitors, but still retain other aspects of their previous nature like tendency toward explicit sexuality. Their acceptance by other races has been mixed with others unaware of their history, those who avoid them due to their historical baggage, or those who are willing to judge them based on their current actions.

1500 years
Conservation Status
Average Height
142 - 178 cm (4'8" - 5'11")
Average Weight
44 - 95 kg (98 - 210 lb)
Average Physique
Curvy and voluptuous; slender and petite

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