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PSI can be defined as phenomena produced by psychokinetic energy that can manipulate matter or events. Psi or psychic phenomena is one of the biggest subjects of study in the field of parapsychology and organizations related to it.     Parapsychology   The study of psychic activity which is officially known as PSI in the field. While psi has been described since even ancient times, it was often considered a part of magic and only became seen as a distinct metaphysical force within the last 500 years. Since its inception, the field grew slowly as individuals began researching specific folk tales and phenomena. While originally seen as quackery and flawed, more refined analysis were able to identify a factor similar to magic but distinct enough to have its own category.       Organizations   Within parapsychology, there are various organizations of various sizes meant to codify knowledge of the field like other physical sciences as well. One of the largest and well known is the Parapsychology Institution (PI), an international professional organization of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of ‘psi’ (or ‘psychic’) experiences, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychokinesis, psychic healing, and precognition. Such experiences seem to challenge contemporary conceptions of the nature shared by sapient beings and of the physical world. The primary objective of most of these organizations is to achieve a useful understanding of these experiences.


Psychokinetic Energy   According to parapsychology, all psi phenomena involves psychokinetic energy or PKE.     Psychic Abilities   Psychic abilities can be generalized into two categories according to PI; receptive (psi-gamma) and projective (psi-kappa).   Receptive abilities are purely internal, displaying no external evidence they're being used apart from the occasional personal tell like a trance or a physiological symptoms like nosebleeds. The ability to see the future is receptive; the being gains knowledge with no external mechanic.       Receptive Skills:    

  • Extra-Sensory Perception or ESP also known as Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Remote Sensing, Remote Viewing is the ability to sense (seeing, hearing, taste, or other senses that may not be part of the standard package) distant places or localizing specific things or people. Usually involves a trance state; the amount of control over what is seen can vary wildly, as can the distances the power can encompass, depending on the talent and training of the psychic.
  • Retrocognition/Postcognition — seeing things that happened in the past , obviously without watching recordings. Often considered a subset of clairvoyance.
  • Precognition — seeing things that will happen in the future, also without watching recordings, sometimes drawn by pyschic as allegorical pictures. Often considered a subset of clairvoyance and is a major component of historical prophecies.
  • Empathy — the ability to sense emotions. Technically something most social creatures like humans and fey are capable of, but psychics have an extra ability that goes beyond internal mental models of body language and compassion. Their extra sense can put them at risk with strong emotions, and a rare few have the ability to project emotions. Often overlaps with Telepathy.
  • Telepathy — also known as mind reading or mindspeech — is the power to know the thoughts of other creatures, or transmit their own thoughts to other things. An advanced or "true" telepath may be one who not only reads others' thoughts but can get into their heads and affect their actions, thoughts, emotions, decisions and memories.
  • Mediums — the ability to see, communicate with or channel spirits, as spirits are creatures that heavily revolve around psychokinetic energy.
    Projective abilities affect the external world, requiring acting or special effects to reflect the way these abilities manipulate reality. The ability to move physical objects is projective; the psychic affects an external object with no tangible connection between them.   Projective Skills:
  • Telekinesis — also called Psychokinesis, and many other -kinesis abilities — is the ability to move physical/elemental objects by thinking about it. The "weakest" is generally the ability to bend hand sized materials, and more powerful kinetics tend to gain precision (manipulating atoms) as well as scale (manipulating cars, or even landmasses). Telekinesis is also known for having the most specialized expressions of it.
  • Psychic Teleportation, also known as Apportation and sometimes a subset of telekinesis — the ability to transport objects or people from one location to another, including oneself without occupying the space between said locations.
  Naturally there is overlap; Telepathy is receptive in that the person gains knowledge from another's mind, and usually projective by allowing the character to implant thoughts/ideas into the other character as well.   Projective skills can be intentionally stopped by means such various techniques like envisioning static, or mental blocks.

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