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Magic Power

Magic Power is a form of energy that exists in nature and within all creatures. It is the source of magic phenomena and what fuels magic spells, formulas, and the like.


Creatures process and store it over time and expend magic power to do vigorous sorcery and magical spellcasting, while it is normally replenished by food, rest, and living in a healthy environment or quickly through consumable sources.   Many things can process ambient magical power, this is especially notable for crystals and biological molecules. Living beings can also generate magic power from within themselves (we are made from the same stuff as non-living things after all) and absorb some from the environment. Some classes of creatures are partially defined by adapting to one method more than the another. Magic power within a being also serves a natural barrier to offensive magic applied to the body and the potential means of greatly amplifying the bodies physical stamina and endurance.     When magic power is expended, preternatural creatures like fey, magical beasts and most spirits replenish it naturally from within themselves faster than absorbing it from outside. Natural creatures and nature spirits do the same but less quickly; they can better replenish their magic reserves by absorbing the magic power which is emitted passively by grass, plants, and the natural environment around them.   The magic within a living creature's body can also act as a instinctual passive barrier to certain types of energy like magical damage, infliction, or mind-altering effects. People can train themselves to focus their dormant magic power into a skin tight shield of neutral magic to weaken or negate the effects of magic that impacts the body if strong enough. While basically a requirement for mages, even those who don't use magic in combat can still potentially have a high magic capacity and thus high resistance to these attacks. It takes a significant amount of energy and force of will to bypass the natural barriers of an unwilling target unless the target itself is unusually weak of will.       Magic Deprivation    

Magic Capacity Training

  Individuals can greatly differ in their initial magic capacity due to a variety of factors such as genetics, environment, blessings, curses, etc. However even those gifted with high capacity for magic find they have to hone their skills eventually. At the same time, even those that lack a decent ability to hold magic can find ways to improve into being adept at magic.   By increasing one's magic capacity, they have more magic power at their disposal to perform magic. One way to increase magic capacity is to reinforce willpower, which governs magic power. It is believed that by mental growth, and training of the mind, the ability to hold magic also increases. Another method is to improve the efficiency of the techniques/spells used to convert the energy in the environment to magic power. If the amount of willpower used can be reduced by this process, then magic capacity can increase as a result.   Conditions   For creatures that have conscious control over their magic power, there is the risk of overexertion when using it. Magic Deprivation Overexertion or draining of magic results in a syndrome known as magic deprivation. Similar to anemia, symptoms include shortness of breath, weakness, confusion, feeling like one is going to pass out, weakening of passive sorcery, and an inability to perform active sorcery, cast spells, and channel magic power for other rituals. These will persist until a level of magic power the individual is used to is restored.


Gemstones   Gemstones are minerals that contain higher amounts of magic than most naturally occurring substances. As such gems are important in many rituals that require a lot of magical power.     Artifices   While pretty much all objects have some magic power, artifices are designed to use theirs to produce magical effects. This include tools and technological devices that run on their magic and can be used to manipulate magic power for mystical effects beyond what mundane technology can do otherwise.
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