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Ljösalfar is a name that this group of elves calls themselves, it translates to "light elves".           Physiology   Common Appearance   Eye Color: Blue, Gray, Green, Hazel, Violet Nose Shape: Aquiline, Hooked, Button, Upturned Hair Texture: Straight Hair Color: Blonde, Red, Green, Violet, Black Skin Tone: Fair, Peach, Light Ocher


Culture and cultural heritage

History   The Ljósálfar or Light Elves became ones who followed their cultural ideals becoming pure and detaching themselves from strife. This resulted in their ancestors embracing regality, marital monogamy, and looking down on other species usually making later generations insufferably arrogant. They deem themselves as higher beings compared to others, and thus most individuals look down on them and loath them (particularly dwarves for some reason nobody remembers). Despite this Ljósálfar have collaborated with other major sapients in worldwide projects like the Lunar terraforming or the creation of the Seelie Courts.   After the fall of the Ghulat Wars, Ljosalfar were thought to have died along with the rest of the elves. Roughly 300 years ago, an incident revealed the existence of elves as isolated tribes. The Ljosalfar continued to live on mainly in the boreal forests of the world that have yet to be developed by the global cultures. The modern culture of ljosalfar is centered more around nature worship and ecological maintenance, possibly as penance for their ancestors responsibility in the collapse of the world's natural systems in the Ghulat Wars.

Art & Architecture

Ljosalfar commonly feel that they are in harmony with their natural surroundings and an examination of their art helps to justify this belief. In keeping with their naturalistic inclination, these elves are not particularly fine metalworkers and most have no interest in developing any such skills. However, ljosalfar are among some of the world's finest carpenters and stoneworkers, masters in the crafting of bows and arrows as well as in leather tanning. They have even developed a number of specialized arrows, including those that fly further than usual as well as some that are used as signal devices. So carefully guarded are their crafting secrets that even experienced fletchers from other races have difficulty emulating the designs.

Foods & Cuisine

Provisioning:  Pedestrian Foraging, Subsistence horticulture   Vegetation/Agriculture:  Apple, pear, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, grapes, plum, wheat, rye, oats, carrot, lemon, lime, melons, potato, onion, garlic, herbs, maize, radish, broccoli, rice, celery   Livestock:  Mealworms, bees, silkworms, snails, chicken, pig, rabbit, duck     Game: Deer, moose, geese

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

They live in a most peculiar fashion, building villages deep in the forests. They are the guardians of the forest who have continued to protect nature from the foreign threats for generations. As such many get along with their fey cousins, fairies as have almost identical obligations to maintaining their ecosystems.   They live by hunting wild animals, and eating fruits and vegetables that they gather from the forest. While ljosalfar feel that is best to make a minimal impact on their surroundings, their culture has no particular aversion to meat-eating and are passionate hunters. Many hours of the typical light elf's life is spent on the hunt, which is both a practical activity and a pleasurable one. They never forget to express gratitude for this food and it is said that they always recite prayers to thank the forest and the animals before they eat.      Ljosalfar are usually not nomadic, however, and instead are organized into scattered, carefully concealed villages united under a hierarchy composed of village councils consisting of the most distinguished families' eldest members. These councils are often advised by local priests,  typically clerics or druids, whose influence plays no small part in elven politics and who frequently serve as the webbing that bind any number of villages together as one realm.


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