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Alicante (Al-e-kan-te)

Alicante are a group of colubrid lamia that originate from the valleys within the nation of Aztlan. They are notable for having a significantly large population of cattle herders and dairy farmers, with their main export being milk and similar dairy products to neighboring people groups within the area.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Alicante are often known for being the most common source of dairy Milk in Aztlan which is often favored over by local haulfins and even coveted by other lamia ethnic groups that managed to not adopt a pastoral lifestyle.     History   Like most lamia, the Alicante were exclusively individual hunters up until the introduction of hauflins from Ecumene nations into the area. As they attempted to colonize, they began hunting the prey that the lamia depended on food and forced some of the local hauflins that they coupled for reproduction into bondage. This bondage took the form of raising the colonizers cattle for debts and eventually the lamia came to learn and adopt these techniques for dealing with cattle either for necessity of food or they might have the the daughter of a haulfin who handled a herd. Even after the revolutions weakened the colonization efforts and indigenous peoples began to reclaim their land, the hauflins and the lamia retained their cattle and their pastoral lifestyle.   The most difficult transition for the lamia included getting the cattle to not fear them, as well as adapting horse riding in a method that their serpentine bodies could ride their mounts.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The Alicante are well known for their associations with cattle rearing and herding. While the majority of lamia societies are primarily hunters, the Alicante are one of select groups that have largely adopted pastoralism. They often watch their parents practice from a young age and once they enter late adolescence, they become responsible for a small herd of their own.    Most Alicante start off as milking cows, essentially being dairy maids and the majority maintain this task throughout their adulthood. There are some that handle not only cattle but horses as well, mainly because the need to cover distances greater than a lamia could manage by slithering alone gave rise to the development of the horseback-mounted efforts by them.


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