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Mystic Oar

... a Mystic Oar protects its owner from the Cold and grants bursts of speed when rowing!

" Splashing waves lapping against the shore, the flow cascading across moonlit sands. Mists rising from the sea rolled from beneath the press of the Broa's Oars and the bough of thier icy vessel. Nimble fingers of Mist sped away from the speeding Broamede, gliding across the water with the synchronous speed of the Mystic Oars, and the harmonious fervor of the Myst Folk Mariners. They returned home..."
excerpt, Tale of the Lost Mariners

Used by the Myst Folk, this magical oar typically has a blue or powdery snow-tipped head and is cool to the touch. It is traditionally crafted on a long Tundra Bottan pole, giving it a variable, flexible range of movement. Grips formed of strong cords or bound furs are also used to protect the rower's hands.
When the Oar touches water, Mist is formed. Vessels of the Mythos Folk were often seen enveloped in this fog, which is a natural reaction to the paddle of the oar touching water. When the oar is submerged, water is repelled as a vapor; the oar's head absorbs Cold, protecting the holder from cold climates.

Mystic Oars are enchanted tools used for rowing ships and galleys. It has a head, or flat paddle, that is usually wide or grooved. Made smooth, the head is important, as it is crafted from "Blue Ice", a material that naturally repels water. Each Mystic Oar bears a unique shape representing the Myst Folk craftsmen.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

"There is a reason why the Broa of the Myst Folk were the most formidable rowers of the Mythic Epoch. Lost legends of Onagi of the Mysts and the lore of Orion Bo'Rae's Mystus Bandr indicated that their vessels could disembark swiftly across glacial oceans and inland rivers. The Mystic Oar, among other advancements, are why the Myst Folk are known as the most advanced sea-faring culture of the Ancient Epochs."
~ excerpt, research notes, tools of the Mythos Folk,
Elsie Mylee Gates, Mythologist

Myst Folk Broa

Mystic Oar

Mystic Oars require no magical activation or components. They must simply be kept contained in cold environments (usually with other Mystic Oars), and they must be given water occasionally when not in use. When the oar touches water, it produces fine Mist. The owner must be aware of the concealing Mists that this item also produces when multiple are in use; this effect is often mitigated with the use of a Mist-Veil Lantern or similar device. Otherwise, this Magical Tool functions in all ways like an ordinary oar; it is able to propel a boat or vessel through the water at greater speeds than normal oars and prevents the holder from suffering from the cold.

Construction & Production

An artisan first retrieves a sizable pole or shaft, crafting the body of the oar. Special carving tools were traditionally used to create the grooves and smoothed edges for a Mystic Oar. Mineral oil is applied to the shaft, granting it extra protection from sea errosion. The handle is bound in soft material. A flexible, durable wood known as Tundra Bottan is used for the poles, as they provide greater range of movement.
Unless the artisan has natural cold resistance, gloves are worn to protect the artisan's hands when handling the Blue Ice used in the construction of the paddle-head. Using pins, the head of the oar is secured, where it is polished into a flat, wide shape. Firmly attatched, the head is completed. A blessing from ancestors or guardian Deities are traditionally spoken over the finished Mystic Oar, finalizing the process.

It is believed that as the Blue Ice in the paddle is allowed to form over time, new forms may appear. Some Broa are known to use "Pink Ice" variants of normal Mystic Oars. Those who own one are considered to be exemplary Broa with a lifetime of experience.

Myst Folk Artisan

Crafts a Mystic Oar

Other Mystic Oars mays use different materials in the crafting of the pole. Typically constructed between 10-14 Un long for rowing vessels, while smaller Mystic Oars are made between 5-10 Un long and are made much lighter, usually for training children.

History & Significance

Generations of the Myst Folk Clans have used the Mystic Oar to row their vessels. In the Mythos language, the term, "Broa" refers not only the act of rowing but also a Clan name (with several derivations of the name and bloodlines). They dress in the fashion of their ancestors, braving cold gales and freezing storms wearing silk sashes binding their hair and clothing. These sashes, made of Icing Silk, were useful for makeshift ties and knots in emergencies. The Mystic Oar continues to find use today amongst these and other Myst Folk Clans.

Legends & Myths

" There are several legends of the Myst Folk Heroes who used these sacred tools. During the Ice Age, stories of Mystic Warriors who unleashed the power of the Mystic Oars were common amongst the Mythos Folk. The might of the Mariners inspired many to use the Mystic Oars as weapons. The legacy of trial by combat with Mystic Oar all ended with Shad; the one who broke his oar.
~ excerpt, research notes, tools of the Mythos Folk,
Elsie Mylee Gates, Mythologist
Orion Bo'Rae is the creator of one of the most famous Mystic Oar: Mystus Bandr, or the Mist-Bound Oar. His legends, recovered from long buried "Ice Cores", told of his heroic exploits across the entire Ad-Anasian ocean, as he charted unknown territories using his Mystus Bandr to command the seas and Mists.

A superstition amongst the Mythos Folk suggests that a broken oar is either a good or ill omen. If it is broken in service to the Folk Clans, then this is considered heroic and a good omen; if it is broken from abuse or neglect, the owner may risk becoming a social exile. This has to do with the story of the final inheritor of the Mist-Bound Oar.

Orion Bo'Rae

Creator of the "Mist-Bound Oar"

Shad, a descendant of Orion Bo'Rae, broke the sacred Mist-Bound oar atop a giant's skull, but the death of the giant slain him as well. He was dishonored for slaying his great ancestor.

Mystic Oar

Item Type
Magic Tool


Item Category
Equipment/ Magic Tool

Item Dimensions

  • Length: 5-14 Un
  • Width:1.5- 3 Um
  • Weight: 5-12 Ub
Unit Reference
"Units" are measurements, defined by length, width, and weight. A whole Unit is denoted with an "Un" and represents 1 whole measured "Unit" (equivalent to the average length of a forearm). A "Micro-Unit" is denoted with a "Um" in measurements and is the size of an index finger bone. 10 Micro-Units make 1 Un. To measure weight, Unit Burden is calculated relative to the weight of an adult fist. Total Units are measured using decimals.
Chisels, Gloves, Carving Tools, Pins
Blue Ice, Bindings, Wooden Shaft, Mineral Oil

Material: Blue Ice

Alchemical ID# 08-ICb
  • Hydrophobic "Ice"
  • Absorbs Cold Energy
  • Repels Aqua (Water)

Material Base Cost
TBD Casho


Rarity Uncommon
Demographic Minas, Majas Polas

Base Price
TBD Casho

TTRPG Statistics

Mystic Oar
Spell Stacks: 0/3 Slots/
1 Slot Empty Slot/ 1 Empty Slot/
1 Empty Slot

Tool: Immediately upon touching water, steam and mists naturally arise around the large, flat head of this Oar. It serves as a rower's oar; +5 speed to any succesful Drive Proficiency checks when rowing a boat or galley. As a passive bonus, this weapon imbues its wielder with a +2 bonus on these Drive checks.

In addition, this Oar grants the wielder an additional +5 Cold Resistance, when wielding the Oar in one hand.

This Tool can function as an improvised weapon, dealing 1d4+POW (1.5x POW when used 2 Hands) Smashing Damage.+ 1 Cold Damage. Critical Multiplier (x2).
It is prone to lose durability over time when used as a weapon.


Craft Rate
2 hours. Craft (Item) Proficiency:
DC 15
Attunement Proficiency:
DC 10

Myst Folk Broa

"Broa" is the Myst Folk word for Mariners trained with Mystic Oar.


  • Ao & Mystendr, deities
  • Onagi & Vavaya, deities
  • Pradei & the 7 Nephrei, deities
  • Mythos Folk, sentient species
  • Giant Folk, sentient species
  • Folk Lore, document
  • Falc Idros, condition
  • Folk Crests & Flags, cultural item
  • Iceshard Compass, unique tool
  • Folk Language & Music, language
  • Mystic Oar, weapon & tool
  • Think Point, legendary weapon
  • Ice Core, magical tool
  • Mist-Veil Lantern, magical tool
  • Snow Globe, magical container
  • Chillweave Prosthetic, magical graft
  • Icing S. String Harp, m. instrument
  • Mythos Society, organization
  • Mythologian, profession
  • Alchemical "Ice",alchemical material
  • Chillweave, enchantment material
  • Icing Silk, craft material
  • Mythic Sauna Stone, craft material
  • Tundra Bottan, craft material
  • T-Bottan Studded Bedding, condition
  • Icing Orb-Weaver, species
  • Misty Mountains, location
  • Orion's Band, location
  • Broamede, vehicle
  • Boba Ert, vehicle
  • Nevrasenephr, vehicle


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