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Wool fabric and yarn are the most commonly used for clothes all throughout Arbressian thanks to easy access as well as versatility. As such domesticated sheep as well as other animals that produce wool are very important and treated well.


Material Characteristics

Wool comes naturally in a variety of colours, for example white, black and brown. Depending on which animal it is sheared from, the texture varies between feeling greasy and thick and a bit coarse, to being incredibly soft and smooth.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Wool fabric is capable of helping with regulating temperature. It is excellent at retaining heat when it is cold but it can also help keep you cool in warmer temperatures. Wool absorbs moisture and will keep you dry if you are sweating or if snow is melting on your clothes.

Origin & Source

The most common source of wool is the domesticated sheep. It can also be obtained from goats, long haired rabbit breeds, camels and alpacas et cetera.

History & Usage


Once sheared, or plucked from a shedding animal, the wool is thoroughly washed and treated to get rid of any unwanted odour and dirt trapped in it.

Manufacturing & Products

It is spun into yarn or thread depending on the desired use. It can be woven into a fabric from thread or knitted into clothes and other things using the yarn.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The animals used for their wool can also be a source of meat in the case of sheep, goats and rabbits. Goats are also used to produce milk for cheese.


Trade & Market

Wool in different varieties like fabric, yarn, pelts or as it is are sold everywhere in Arbressian. Sheep and goat wool is the most common with sheep wool in an overwhelming lead. Wool from alpacas, rabbits and camels is much more rare (sometimes depending on where you are in the world, camel wool is more common in desert areas) and therefore a lot costlier. Especially alpaca and rabbit wool is seen as a luxury and can mostly only be afforded by those more affluent.
Very common
When it is freshly sheared, some types of wool have a kind of thick and funky smell but this goes away after being treated and washed.


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