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This is probably the hardest kind of metal known to the sentient races of Arbressian. With the strength and hardness of adamantine it is used for making both armour and weapons. The armour is more resistant against blows that would have otherwise done double the damage had the wearer been wearing armour made out of another metal. The weapons made from adamantine are especially good at breaking through objects. However, this metal is incredibly rare and what is mined is most often used to make armour, prioritising defence over offense with this particular material.


Material Characteristics

The colour of adamantine is like a dark steel and it's got a beautiful glossy sheen to it which makes it look very decorative on top of its usefulness.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is naturally cool to the touch but warms when you hold a hand against it or if its near any source of heat.

Geology & Geography

Adamantine is found in mineral veins running deep inside of mountains or beneath the earth. As it is incredibly rare, there is never a guarantee of finding it if one were to search for it. In some cases it can also be found in meteorites, though finding those is an expedition in and of itself.

Origin & Source

The exact origin of adamantine is not known but it is speculated that Moradin, the dwarven god of crafting created adamantine as a gift to his loyal worshippers. At least this is a popular belief among the dwarves who tirelessly mine through the rock to find the hidden treasures within. Other races think that this is preposterous, why would Moradin then place adamantine in meteorites that can then be found above ground? The dwarves then respond that it is because Moradin don't want others to get jealous of the dwarves and attack them to steal all of their adamantine.

History & Usage

Industrial Use

The adamantine is smelted at very high temperatures in order to be shaped into armour and weapons.

Manufacturing & Products

It is most commonly used for armour and secondly for weapons. If someone has more money than they know what to do with, they can purchase adamantine and have it especially made into decorations like candelabras or statues.


Trade & Market

Adamantine is definitely a rare and expensive product no matter what has been made of it. Most of the adamantine armour and weapons in the world are those that have existed for hundreds of years and are sold for large sums of money when the previous owner either doesn't have use for it, doesn't want it anymore or has passed away.
Around 500 gold pieces depending on the amount.
Very rare


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