Arathil (Air-ahh-theel)

13th Day of Autumn Aurora in the year 1286 of the Third Age

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Arathil was founded, well created, by the diety Orckla (Ore-klah). He made it in his image filling it with all sorts of lands. The Forest, Oceans, Seas, Swamps, Mountains, Plains, and much more. He created many types of animals to populate the world, but his final creation upon creation of the world would cause him pain and heartache.   The Dragons; gold, sliver, bronze, brass, and copper ravaged the land, destroying the differnt environments, eating the animals for food and sport. He hated this, to see his world ravaged by one of his creations. So he created another race of beings; the Orc'klar. The were very similar to the modern Orcs except they were ivory colored, and their bottom tusks wasn't as long. He gave these new beings a little of his magic to counter the might and what magic the dragons had. It was these beings that fought the dragons for many many years, and finally the leader of the dragons and leader of the Orc'klar talked and worked out a treaty which led to a peace that would eventually lead the dragons of metallic color down a path of good.   After years of peace, A High Klar of the Orc'klar was greedy and had twin sons, one of the ivory color; his name was Accilias, and one of a greenish hue; his name was Occilias. His advisors warned him that it was Occhla punishing him for his greed. The High Klar made ammends with the dragons, but Occilias was ridiculed by the others for his appearance and hate formed in him. On the day of his brother's coronation to High Klar he launched an attack with his silver dragon mount. In secret for many years he had gained followers and some used their magic on dragon eggs of the metallic dragons and formed the dragons of Red, Black, Blue, White, and Green. The one and only war of the Orc'klar had the brothers battling each other along with their dragon mounts. In the end both brother and both dragons had slain each other. Orckla appeared devestated at what his world had become and sacraficed himself splitting his essence in half. Half went to Accilias, and the other half went to Occilias, and they ascended to the heavens. Each went to their trusted leuitenants and asked if they would like to ascend with them, and each agreed. Thus forming the first pantheon of Arathil. The followers of Occilias was left with one other curse, their skin turned green just like Occilias' and the remaining Orc'klar took the klar from their name and began calling them orcs.   Two wars of the heavens have passed, and the Orc'klar dissappeared after the second one, that is until seven years ago with the Kingdom of Proudheart became under attack. Many came out of hiding to aid in the kingdom, and they have established communities again and are welcomed in most places in the world now, as they were one of the first beings when the world was created.   Where does your destiny lie within the world of Arathil.