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Welcome to Aran'sha

"Ahlan wa sahlan, welcome to the great library of Al’Nahar."   The words echo softly troughout the great marble hall from behind a counter of rich mahagony, where a dazzling array of ancient scrolls, leather-bound books and a gleaming silver quill is stacked up. Glowing crystals bathe the spacious hall around you in soft light, filled to the brink with ornate shelves and cabinets of parchments, scrolls and moldy tomes.   As you step closer, you see the man who welcomed you to the library is a middle-aged scholar with a warm and amiable demeanor. His dark brown skin and a neatly trimmed beard complement his black hair, which is tied in a long braid held together by a modest leather band. Deep hazel eyes sparkle with curiosity and intelligence. A wide kaftan of white silk, embroidered with silver threads clothes him and a necklace depicting a quill hang from his neck hangs from his neck. He moves with grace and confidence, gesturing with his hands as he talks. He seems delighted to see you and keen to share his knowledge with you.   “You have come to the right place if you seek to learn,” he says with a beaming white smile. "The magnificient library of Al’Nahar welcomes everyone who craves wisdom. Here you will find everything we know … so far, for the journey for knowledge is a ceaseless one.   Feel free to explore the library and choose from the treasures of history, magic, science and art - but first, let me give you some rules.  
  • The first and most important one: There will be NO open fire within these halls, but you may take this crystal so it can guide your way. Please be aware that this is one rule we will not handle leniently."
  • Secondly - don't take the books with you, you can copy anything you'd like, but we'd like them to remain here.
  • Thirdly - treat all of them with respect, however outrageous you may find the knowledge within.
  As he smiles at you, he continues, "With that out of the way, let me give you a brief overview of the libraries wings:

Of Myths and Tales

To your right, you can see the section of Myths and Tales, a wondrous place where you can find out more about long forgotten legends, of myths and sages of the past . But if you prefer something more ...mundane, you may savor the Tales of the people, accounts and stories of the people that lived and died in this land.


The lands of Aran'sha

To your left you can learn more about the lands of Aran'sha - and there is much to discover, for the gods blessed us with marvelous wonders: There are accounts of all beasts, be they Beasts of the Sea, Beasts of the Land or even the Beasts of the Sky. If you are more inclined to read about herbalism, we got scrolls about that too right over there.       Then there is the section for all the races that populate the continent - for there are more than you may imagine. Last, but certainly not least, there is all that is to learn about the natural and unnatural Wonders and Dangers. Astonishing landmarks, perilous nature and magics, yes, even tales and treatises on plagues - it’s all there.  

The realms of Aran'sha

Over there you can find our accounts of the realms - each kingdom has its own section, the largest currently being the The desert kingdoms of Ri'kahar of course. After all, Al'nahar is the capital and we are its devoted servants. Feel free to browse and learn all about the various cities and organisations. We also store a plethora of books in our culture section, such as Festivals, Games and even food if you're intrigued by culinary delights - some of them you can sample right outside these doors on the great market. And while we are talking about the kingdoms - lets not forget the people that live here. We have accounts of Commoners, Nobility and even mighty Heroes - I'll leave it up to you how much of these are truthful.      

Of Religion and Magic

Currently under renovation, but reopening soon is our religous library - be it deities or demons, you will find all about their worshippers and religions here. Yes, even the less tasteful ones - for an uninformed mind is an unarmed one. Lastly, there are accounts of mysteries of the arcane, from the basic principles of alchemy and astrology to the advanced spells and rituals of sorcery- be careful of the wordings in those books.     Aran’sha is a land of mystery, where magic dances under the stars and the desert winds whisper secrets into the ears of those who can listen. If you enjoy your visit here, be sure to take a look at the accounts of the challenges we faced collecting these gems of knowledge.


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Jun 28, 2024 10:11 by CoolG

This is such a lovely intro to Aran'sha! I'm ready to dive deeper :D