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Veils of Desire

The Gaze of Adoration   Let your eyes be the shining mirror in which your beloved sees the depth of your adoration. A lingering glance, soft and tender, can whisper a thousand love poems without uttering a single word.   The Gesture of Care   In the simplest of actions, let your care shine brighter than the jewels of the sky. A hand gently placed upon her shoulder, a cloak draped to ward off the evening chill—these are the silent serenades that compose the symphony of love.
  The Gift of Listening
  Gift your beloved the melody of your undivided attention. For in listening, truly listening, you honor their voice as the most beautiful of songs, and in turn, they shall find the rhythm of your soul.   For the art of romancing is not a conquest, but a sublime dance—a dance of two souls entwined in the eternal embrace of love under the starry sky of life.
  A treatise on romantic relationships written by the famous poet Azahar Salame almost 150 years ago. Maybe even exceeding this legendary poet's reputation, the book’s fame has traversed the land, whispered about in the corridors of power and in the bedrooms of the common folk.   Within its leather-bound cover lies a trove of knowledge, from the delicate beginnings of courtship to the mastery of conversation. It tells tales of the language of the eyes, the power of a gentle touch, and the alchemy of a kiss, with techniques claiming to be so potent they could charm even a dragon’s heart.
Legend tells even the princess Laiha, known for her icy heart and demeanor, fell heart over heels for a student of this book.
  Later chapters give detailled instructions to seduction, lovemaking and even relationship guidance to keep the flame of passion burning, with more expensive volumes being fully illustrated by various artists.


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Apr 10, 2024 16:20

Don't you think it's a bit mean to only offer us two or three sentences of the book and then just leave us there? It sounds so great and is wonderful written. More, more, more - I would have liked to read so much more of the book.

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Apr 10, 2024 18:47

Glad you like it - I'll see if I can add a bit more.

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