Special Thanks

Thanks to all my supporters and friends!

Early Supporters

Oneri - For all your enthusiasm and CSS help   Ademal & Barron - For being my first commenters and setting me on the path into the WA community!   Little Hummingbird - For being an early supporter   Stormbril - For being an early supporter, great friend, and CSS wizard   Nnie - For being a great friend and supporter, always ready to help   Secondhan Samurai - For all you do.   Dhelian - Thanks, buddy :)   Hanhula - MJ buddy! Best mod, cool bean, beat me with gnomes   JulianReid - For reading literally every single article!!!   All my summer camp pals and secret lodge buddies <3    

Ko-Fi Supporters!

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Special Thanks

Kummer Wolfe  

Specialer Thanks

Nnie - The very first Chronicler! AmélieIS - Thank you! :D  

Specialest Thanks

Secondhand Samurai - The very first Worldbuilder!  
And to everyone who has ever commented and provided feedback!   Thank you! <3

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30 Apr, 2023 14:36

awwwwwwwww I'm in your special thanks!!! It was my pleasure to read everything! Araea and all your worlds are incredible <3