House Revyera

Our feast is one of blood, sweat and tears.  
— House Revyera Motto
  Time has not been kind to House Revyera. They were once one of the most powerful and ambitious of the noble-houses of Maleun and few has fallen as far or lost as much from the city's fall as they. Gone are the days of glory, when their might was unrivaled and they were feared by all. What remains is a shattered husk of once was, driven by a single goal; to reclaim the glories of their past.    

House of Wars

  House Revyera was one of seven noble houses that jointly ruled Maleun and were one of the most influential. Many of the city's forges belonged to Revyera and much of its army owed its loyalties to them. Where their competitors embraced life as merchants, administrators and bureaucrats, the Revyerans instead turned to the art of war.   They did so with a fervor that disturbed the other Houses of Maleun and the fear of a tyrant rising from Revyera hounded them. Despite that, the Revyeran nobles were cunning politicians and skilled tacticians, more then able to hold their own in the cutthroat politics of Maleun.  
To those who knew not to underestimate them, it was often said that a Revyeran was at their least dangerous when holding a sword; at least then, you saw them coming.

The House had entered a period of decline even before Maleun's fall as successive rulers begun to neglect to "business of lessers", with their enterprises faltering as a result. The rulers started to embody all the worst traits of a Revyeran but a potent military threat.   Tensions reaching a razor's edge as wealth and influence begun to slip from House Revyera's armored grasp.

The Fall

  Maleun's demise was both tragic and predictable. The city grew too fast and paid little heed to pollution left by their industry. House Revyera was but one part in the mechanic that doomed the city-state, but they've never been one to understate their roles in anything. Whether in guilt or glory, the House place themselves at the center of everything and Maleun's fall is no different.   Their part was in the bloodshed and escalation of violence in the city's twilight. The House launched an ill-fated bid to become to sole ruler of Maleun as it descended into chaos, all but sealing its fate.  

House Revyera nearly died together with the city-state. They owe their survival to a minor blood-line of the House who had never lost their focus on mercantile enterprise. They saw the end approach and were prepared, ferrying survivors and wealth out of Maleun until the end.   The dwindling House moved to the Sprawl to lick their wounds. What remained was a mix of minor nobles, servants and allies, with almost none of the ruling blood-line alive.
The last Patriarch of House Revyera is said to have been slain by his son, before he disappeared into Maleun's tainted waters. Some scavengers swear they have seen him there still, waiting for something or someone.
  With no leader still alive, House Revyera operates on uneasy consensus. Those with old blood chafe under the new ways and seek a return to tradition, but others find this gives them power they never had before. The House escaped with enough wealth to establish themselves in the Sprawl, but that fortune is dwindling. Much of the House's warriors do mercenary work across the Sprawl to maintain the House and prepare for their future.      


You get the sense they're hanging on just to spite death.  
— Sodai, Kaia
  In spite of it all, House Revyera survives and they have lost none of their ambition or drive. Their goal is to cleanse Khālī of its poison and reclaim their ancestral homes; although they're not exactly sure how. The House has been forced to adapt and change, faced with a puzzle that won't yield to either sword or maneuvering. They have formed an alliance with the Suru Revivalists as the best, and only, hope they see. But not all of the House agree. Some see it as an impossible task and think the House should instead aim to rule new lands.   A complicated mix of ambition, guilt and sheer stubbornness drives House Revyera today. It makes them more dangerous than ever, for both friend and foe.

Khālī Region

  Once blessed by an abundance of water and ready access to the rest of the Outer Shell, the Khālī region is now a deserted and poisonous wasteland.   Its caves are either barren and lifeless, or twisted by pollution and Blight. It was the homeland of House Revyera and the loss haunts them.   Read More About The Khālī Region            

Maleun, the Dead City

  Maleun was the city-state that controlled most of Khālī through their control of its precious water-logged caverns.   Ruled by noble houses that owned the caves and controlled them with brutality and force, Maleun was wealthy, powerful and doomed. Thousands died during Maleun's slow, agonizing demise and much of House Revyera's wealth was lost.   Read More About Maleun  
Such is the devastation in Khālī that its very name has become cursed.   Its neighbors have collapsed the tunnels that once connected them to the rich city and do their best to forget what happened to it.

Banner of Blades

  Out of all the things lost in the fall of Maleun, nothing haunts the House as much as their ancient banner. It was a symbol of their power and sorrows, made from the broken weapon of both enemies and fallen warriors. It disappeared in the closing days of the city, despite attempts to move it from the city. No one is exactly sure where it is.   The Revyeran hold that they can conquer any foe when they hold their banner. Others whisper that such power comes from the runes etched into the coat of shattered metals and dark pacts sealed in shadows.

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