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Infused by Core Essence

The only chance a mortal individual in Aradeia has to survive and extend their life span naturally - if you can call it that - is being resurrected as a core dweller after an event that otherwise would've ended fatally. To become a core dweller you have to be in the presence of an already existent carrier of the arcane core's essence and be infused with the latter to become connected to the arcane core itself. Not all transformations with the arcane core happen voluntarily; some have been infused without their knowledge or consent, turning the resurrection into a rather unhappy coincidence. Two judicial cases have been recorded in Aradeian history in which a human paladin and a half-orc barbarian were turned into core dwellers without being aware of the situation and the quests they need to fulfil in order to lead a somewhat decent life as a dweller.    They were experiencing the first symptoms of arcane decay and refused to acknowledge the pact coming with the resurrection. While the two dwellers tried to return to the surface world, their bodies started the decaying process, turning parts of their skin and tissue into blue glowing mush. Terrified of their transformation, they sought help in Camorand, asking a personal detective and a lawyer to assist them in finding the culprit and preventing further complications.
Even though their case was successful and they managed to imprison their saviour, they both couldn't escape their fate and dissolved into blue goo at the end of the month. Their story is told as a cautionary tale against core dwellers and their healing powers, even though rule-abiding core dwellers can live up to thousands of years, depending on the species or race they have originated from.

Transmission & Vectors

To become infused with the core essence, you need to be directly touched by an already existing core dweller. The infusion is compared to a magical ritual in which the saviour transmits part of their own core to the person they want to assist. It lasts about 10 minutes before the dying body is stabilised and regains consciousness.


Once you are infused by the core essence, you have no other chance but to accept your fate. Your eyes will turn into a bright glowing blue, your veins are visible beneath your skin, shining in the same blue. Your skin turns a paler shade, since you technically are undead without feeling like it. You gain the ability of natural orientation inside the Wilderness and a talent for the arcane; this is particularly interesting for gnomes and dwarves which are inable to cast common magic. It will be the first time for them to use magical skills similar to their humanoid counterparts.


Core dwellers cannot be turned back into mortals. Since they have already died, being a core dweller is their only way to continue walking these lands. The only option to escape is accepting a permanent death and refusing any sort of task given to you. This will quicken your transformation and you'll quickly dissolve into arcane particles.


Core dwellers have been in existence since the very first Grounding. While the Grounding happened, mortals fell through the continental cracks into the bright glowing, overflowing arcane core of Aradeia's planet, resulting in immediate deaths, earthquakes and desastrous tsunamis. The first core dwellers were dying Omni that landed on the edges of the core cave and were in direct vicinity to the arcane core.  While most of them died rather quickly after their transformation, one of them persisted and forged the first contract with the core, making him incredibly powerful, yet strongly connected and dedicated to the fate of his continent.

Cultural Reception

Most mortal beings in Aradeia fear the core dwellers due to their power over life and death. Since becoming a celestial means eternal life and power, most of the Omni aspire to become one of them, but being chosen by the council of Aeva or their associates is rather rare. Therefore, many people pretend that neither the core cave nor Aeva truly exist; mostly out of uncertainty. People are advised to stay inside when core dwellers appear on the surface world, even though core dwellers are mostly harmless and want the best for the once they infuse.
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