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Rus the Explorer

Written by Pookas Kreations

Rus was a very young Rock Troll that loved to explore the wilderness and sacred sites. While visiting one such site and paying homage to the deity honored there, he was visited by a god called Tokar. Who claimed to be the Primal god that the Rock Trolls used to follow. What Rus didn't know is that they stopped following him because he fell into madness and so became a Demon.

Tokar convinced Rus that if he followed him, became his disciple, and had others join that he would be raised as the chief of the tribe. As soon as Rus consented. Tokar touched him between the eyes and he was sealed to his new god. A sliver of Tokar lodged in his soul at this. Whit this touch his corruption began, his soul was tainted as well, he became paranoid and madness soon followed. 

All who joined Rus fell under Tokar's sway, soon most of the warriors were corrupted. One took it upon himself to have an "accident" befall the old chief. Now Rus can take over, as the warriors called for him to take the position. 


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