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Ludo Longstrider

Written by Pookas Kreations

Ludo is a rare throwback to the primal rock troll. He looks primitive, almost feral with a broad face, tusks, and large horn, long arms, large eyes, and mouth, with extreme body hair, and a tail. He is 10 ft tall, weighs 800 lbs, has above average intelligence, is kind and gentle, eats minerals and plants. With long, reddish-brown hair/fur, large brown eyes, and broad teeth.his hair is so long, clothes aren't a requirement, only an affection or camouflage. Usually only wearing a harness to carry items. Rarely carrying a weapon, if he does they are of natural materials, perhaps a mace, club, or staff. His strength and magic is all he needs. He is smart and strong in earth magic. Following the druidic path is his way to honor the nature gods. The tribe considers him to be special, and a gift from the gods, a reincarnation of an honored ancestor. Ludo was born in the mountains in the northeast corner of Volcanus. Even he doesn't remember exactly where, wandering down from the mountains as a toddler. His best friends are rocks, and animals. Rarely being found indoors, preferring to commune with nature. He eschews beds or other comforts preferring to sleep on the ground in contact with the earth, and is immune to all the natural elements.

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