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This is the Capital city of the lizardfolk, because of their war-like nature they chose to build a citadel for their capital.


Lizardfolk are the majority of the population in Lacertus, with a sprinkling of the other tribes.


They used a type of government that combined a Statocracy-rule by the military with Timocracy: rule by the honorable.


A moat with a spiked pit, a drawbridge, walls, towers, etc; plus the Citadel itself.


Weapons, armor, personnel and training.


All structures have a function, many combine functions and are minimalist: no space is wasted or used frivolously. There is the government offices, constable, city hall, armory, barracks, warehouse, messhall, etc


Armory, food storage, etc.


Before the Chaos Wars, Lizardfolk were a lizard worshiping forest tribe that lived on Slithoria. When the war was at its worst, during a lizard dance, a wild magic storm hit. All the participants were affected. Some immediately, until the next full moon and a rare few didn’t have the trait appear but their children did. The mutation varied depending on the tribe, inclination and nearness to lizards. Because most nobles are dragon-blooded they eventually gained control and became shifters. Others show their lizard traits in appearance and temperament.

They predatory nature of the lizards was so strong that it all but subsumed their humanity. Many of the lizardfolk became violent and warlike as a result.

So came the war. Lizard vs snake. Their draconic cousins on the nearby island of Dracoria eventually enforced a peace before their mutual destruction. They created a neutral zone around the holy lake of Takshila. The Goddess Devangara created the winged naga in her image to be protectors of the peace around the holy lake.


They believe in function over form, most buildings are blocky, except if that would cause more material to be used. They live a spartan, minimalist life.


Lacerta was built on a rocky island in the center of a river. It is in a valley with a forest on one side and a mountain on the other. The citadel is fed by an underground spring.

Natural Resources

Wood, ore, water, etc.
Alternative Name(s)
Lacertus, Slythin
Inhabitant Demonym

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