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Written by Pookas Kreations

GSD is a drug created by the Atlanteans to keep their slaves tractable. They found that in constant low doses, it gives them a dopamine-like high, but none of the manic paranoia.


Material Characteristics

By itself, GSD is a white powder that can be mixed in food/drink, or snorted. It is odorless and almost tasteless, with just a slightly salty flavor.

Physical & Chemical Properties

They are both types of acid. Glutamate is from glutamic acid and LSD is from Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.


Glutamate is an anion of glutamic acid. LSD is from compounds in ergot.

Geology & Geography

It can only be created in the labs of Hy-Altia, it is a synthetic compound that they keep tightly controlled.

Origin & Source

Glutamate is an extract from certain seaweeds. LSD is made from the fungus ergon which is known to grow on rye.

Life & Expiration

Neither last very long, their potency waning after a week. If kept in an airtight container and out of the light, it might last a month.

History & Usage


GSD is a combination of two substances: glutamate and LSD, but magically enhanced. Glutamate is the sleeper, if you stop taking GSD, it slows your brain activity and reverses the forced evolution that the Atlanteans performed on your DNA. LSD keeps the recipients tractable as long as they keep taking it they're fine (his version has little side effects, but all the good ones), but if you stop taking in you rapidly devolve into your original state before the Atlantean came.


A little musty.
Slightly of salt with a hint of a bitter aftertaste.

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Author's Notes

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