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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the lowest rank of the The Waveriders military unit. Their first year is probationary They learn what it means to be part of this unit, how they’re supposed to act, skills they will need to learn, etc. Many duties are placed on them, with little rest to toughen them up and weed out those not cut out for these years ahead.

Some duties they are expected to do esteem classes are in the kitchens, stables, hospital, waiting on upper class men and officers, etc.. This is a hard tome for those raised to privilege, but also an enlightening one.

They are being asked to do and experience things they have never had to before, even having to learn how the poor live. They receive no money during this time, instead gain work credits for use with the quartermaster for supplies they need, given room and board as well.


The ability to pass the yearly entrance trial.
Cadets are taught about honor, duty, morality, justice and mercy. If they fail in any of these, their probation is over and they are dismissed.
Civic, Military, Not Commissioned
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Plebe, newbie, 1st year
Equates to
Source of Authority
King of Aquana
Length of Term
4-6 years
Related Organizations
Related Professions

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