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Written by Pookas Kreations

Bronze is a metal alloy of copper and tin. Other metals can also be included such as aluminum, nickel, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese. Depending on the makeup it can be harder, more flexible, brittle, softer, etc. Bronze and brass are not the same, the former is softer and not useful in weapons. Although either is useful in technology.


Material Characteristics

Bronze looks like a combination of gold, and silver or copper.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It has high ductility, can be highly polished, has high electrical and thermal conductivity, is highly resistant to corrosion and metal fatigue, low friction, high melting point, hard elemental property, expansion when hardening, doesn't cause sparks, is not magnetic.


Bronze composition can vary, here are a few types
  • aluminum bronze: creates a strong alloy, is corrosion resistant, has heat and electrical conductivity, and low secondary heat emissions
  • nickel silver: includes copper, tin, and nickel. The silver describes the shiny color.
  • silicon bronze: the easy pouring ability for the making of molded materials. extremely corrosion resistant, even when submerged in salt water or acid. silicon, copper, and tn create a greater surface finish and a material with self-lubricating properties. Ideals for bushings and bearings.
  • phosphor bronze: makes bronze even stronger. Increases the tensile strength, yield, fatigue resistance, friction coefficient, and durability.
  • manganese bronze: allows the bronze to withstand high-load applications that operate at low speed, but it also can't be treated with heat, and needs to use special lubrication.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

This is one of the best metals for Elf and Fae to use because it is not iron and can be strengthened with either alchemy, magic, or both.


182.26 g/mol
golden brown
Melting / Freezing Point
977 celcius
8910 kg/m3
Common State
copper or tin ore

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