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I died in a tragic gamer moment.
— CoolCatMatt1997
  A-1337 is the incredibly obnoxious ghost of what we can only assume was an equally obnoxious 14 year old forum troll. His current whereabouts are unknown, but for a brief period he haunted the ACF Headquarters— causing various issues during his stay. If any personnel encounter A-1337 in the future, please inform the nearest Containment department immediately.

Anomaly Description

Most who encounter A-1337 do not see him physically, only digitally. He prefers to annoy his victims online, hiding behind the facade of "CoolCatMatt1997" and a grinning cat avatar with stupid goofy teeth. Those unfortunate few who have actually seen the apparition's "physical" form, have said that he possesses an ethereal green "body" that ends in a wispy tail. Throughout this body float tiny spheres, that appear quite similar to soda bubbles. Given that these bubbles, tied with the color of his body, appear strikingly similar to the infamous Gamer Juice soda brand— it can be assumed that he likely died from drinking too much of the soft drink.   His head is round, with only a small spike to break the curve— likely the ghost equivalent of hair. He possesses two short arms, with which he terrorizes those he encounters by playing pranks, or typing inane comments and forum posts. A giant grin, akin to that of his avatar, takes up an uncomfortable amount of the space on his face— making it quite punchable, were he not intangible.   A-1337's abilities are no different than that of an average ghost, his body is intangible, allowing him to pass through walls and objects— such as security checkpoints and locked doors. When he so chooses, he may manipulate physical objects with his hands as if they were tangible— but were one to attempt to stop him, they would still be unable to touch his body. The only unique ability, if one could refer to it as such, possessed by A-1337 is his skill in annoying and enraging others via pranks, and inane comments.  
Do I have any unfinished business??? Yeah, ur mom LMAO!
— CoolCatMatt1997

Logs for A-1337

  Incident #1337-5
Date: 2021/10/24 - 2021/10/31
Location: ACF Headquarters
Personnel involved: ████
  Note: What began as an innocent, if not obnoxious, haunting, quickly escalated due in part to the poor decisions of the Executive department, and various personnel. A-1337 appeared rather quietly within ACF Headquarters, at first, pulling increasingly irritating pranks on personnel. In the beginning, only one or two personnel were targeted, but before long, the number of victims began to grow— before Bin Folks was counted among them, bringing the haunting to his attention.   Once aware of the unwelcome visitor, and not seeing him as a threat, Bin Folks encouraged personnel to antagonize A-1337, who, as one might expect of someone his age and maturity, quickly became enraged. Rather than leaving, as we had all hoped, he decided to take revenge. After somehow managing to lock the Containment Director, Nadalia Trent in a supply closet— A-1337 gained access to her passwords, and thus, the entire facility— and began to release everything he could from containment.   Thankfully personnel on duty at the time were able to figure out the passwords he'd changed— due largely in part to his gloating and offering pretty direct clues, thinking he was clever— and stop any damage before it was done. Logs from the events have been archived and can be found below.  

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Author's Notes

Feedback is very much welcome! Whether on the content, or the formatting! Please, point out typos if you spot any!   Sorry he's a little late, been tied up this last week— but I got it done!

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Nov 11, 2021 12:59 by JRR Jara

Punchable face indeed!!! Also, the formatting looks awesome!

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Nov 11, 2021 19:08 by Grace Gittel Lewis
Nov 11, 2021 13:28 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

You're right, he has a very punchable face. Great article! <3

Nov 11, 2021 19:08 by Grace Gittel Lewis

I tried my best to make his face punchable, so glad it worked out haha, thanks!

Nov 13, 2021 05:53 by R. Dylon Elder

Nice to learn more about matt! I like that you include a physical description too, which Im pretty sure wa never given or relevant to the event. Poor guy. Too much energy drink can't be a fun way to go. Wel done.

Nov 13, 2021 05:56 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thank you! Yeah, similar to last year there was no physical description until the full article came about.

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