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Using words of power, Engravers can call on quintessence through the written form. Engraving can be done in any language, but it is exceptionally powerful when using the One True Language. Engravers can use any writing method to make their spells from carving to calligraphy. This pillar of quintessence manipulation is oft used for delayed spells. After a spell has been engraved, it requires a magi's aether and whatever necessary ingredients to activate. Once activated, the ingredients get consumed, and the spell is woven into existence. Spells can be reactivated with the same engraving as long as it is fed more aether and ingredients. One of the unique properties of engraved spells are that their spell requirements can be fulfilled without activating. Castors use this for setting traps, sending information, hiding treasures or rooms and whatever else they can think of.


Engravers can cast a range of spells from simple single runes to complex spell circles. These spells can be whittled into wood, chalked on pavement, written on scrolls, or even carved into stone. Once activated, the spell circles glow the color corresponding to the type of spell cast. Any ingredients that the spell needs will dissolve first into dust and then float upwards as bright specks of light before disappearing. Once a sufficient amount of aether is poured into the engraving, the spell will activate.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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