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One of the many branches of Engraving, albeit a forbidden one. Branding is the act of engraving on a living thing, typically used for enslaving people or forcefully taming animals. Branding is a unique form of engraving that's layered with corrupting and very difficult to learn, let alone master. Branded individuals have their minds altered to obey the castor. If they were to disobey or even think disobedient thoughts, brands automatically activate to punish them. Branded individuals eventually lose their sense of self and become mindless bodies that do the castors bidding. Being one of the foul magics, brands can rarely be undone by anyone other than the castor themself.


Brands are used to enslave living things into doing the engravers bidding.

Side/Secondary Effects

Branded individuals who disobey their masters or cause their mark to activate usually face physical punishment. These effects can range depending on the brand from burns, to shocks, to malaise, or even death. Even without disobeying, those who are marked often fall ill due to the foul magiccast on them.


Brands are typically burned into the recipients skin, usually on the back of the neck. When a brand is being cast, the scent of burnt flesh fills the air. The glow of engraving is dull and black due to the presence of foul magic.

Material Components
Fire and a poor soul
Gestures & Ritual
As the castor engraves the brand into the recipients neck, they have to do it in a semi-unconscious state. During the branding process, the castor also has to corrupt the recipients mind, breaking it to bend it to the castor's will.
Effect Duration
Brands are indefinite, unless the castor willingly sets them free.

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