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Aotra into the aftermath

The 45th of Dusking, 718 YC

By Sebastian
A barren, starless sky; a dense ring with forty moons; ancient twin suns: Aotra is a world in isolation, a lone planet floating in a dark sea. For ages, Aotrans found security and prosperity in the Myth, an imperceptible web of power woven through the world, a mysterious force that mages harnessed and shaped to create wonders. The Myth powered massive cities, enabled agriculture in Aotra's equatorial deserts, and granted peace and protection in dealings with the strange, ethereal Otherworld.   Then the Severing struck. Aotra emerged from its magical apocalypse scarred and irreparably changed, but the three-year drought of magic that would follow proved to be but the first in a chain of surreal events. The tenuous boundary beneath the mortal world and the Otherworld began to weaken; an alien machine sent from a world beyond the lonely black sky plummeted to the ground atop the city that had been the Severing's epicenter three years prior; magic flooded back into the world, but it came back different.   The aftermath of the Severing brought peril and devastation. But the aftermath of the aftermath came with its own sort of danger: a world whose basic facts of reality seem to change with every sunrise, and the yawning void of incomprehensibility just beyond the horizon.