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Millpoint Air Station

Millpoint Air station is the Air Corps their smallest base. It is located in the far east of the Glorious Kingdom of Eglen, close to the border with the Democratic Republic of Duscurybanr, near the town of Millpoint.

Once Millpoint Air station was the second air base of the Air Corps, but a peace deal with Duscurybanr made the base basically obsolete. But the Air Corps unwilling to part with possessions, knowing the political trouble to get new things, hung on to it. First for training purposes, and a number of small air ships was stationed at Millpoint, to do some uneventful border patrols.

Later Millpoint became the home to the new Fighter Wing, who used a revolutionary new type of aircraft, that didn't rely on a gas balloon like a good airship, but rather stayed aloft by flapping wings alone.

Millpoint Air Station first became the test ground for the new crafts, but due to unconventional methodes it stayed their home, and they never got their pressense at Ivoryhall Air Base the main base of the Air Corps right outside the capital of Eglen, Ivoryhall. Millpoint never even got re-titled a 'base'.

  The base is home to the: Air Corps -
  • 10th Fighter Wing
  • 2003rd Millpoint Air Station Infantry Squadron
  • 10012th Millpoint Air Station Domestic Service Flight
  • 30011th Fighter 101st Tech Squad
  • 30012th Fighter 102nd Tech Squad
  • 30013th Fighter 103rd Tech Squad
  • 4002nd Millpoint transport group
  • 5004th Squadron Orphanage for Lost Boys and Girls
  • Type
    Military, Base
    Vehicles Present

    Notable people at Millpoint Air Station
    Base commander
    Colonel Rowland Bernard Bridges
    10th Fighter Wing commander
    Lieutenant-colonel Alexander Anthony, Marquess von Larkin
    Orphanage principle
    Clarissa Taisunn

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