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Air Corps Orphanage for Lost Boys and Girls

The Air Corps Orphanage for Lost Boys and Girls, is located at Millpoint Air Station. It's on the books of the Air Corps as the 5004th Squadron, part of the 500th Training Wing.

The orphanage was build primary as a marketing tool. It gave the Air Corps a philantropic image. The appearance of an organisation that tries to do good, with the funds they have.

It turned out to be good for the Air Corps too, it guaranteed a steady income of new recruits. And even a form of income.


The Orphanage is in the former barracks of the former Millpoint Air Ship brigade that once called Millpoint, it's base. The barracks are connected to a hangar that once was in use as a maintenance hall for air ships. But current air ships are too big for the hangar.

The hanger, of which there once where six, but the other five where torn down, has been converted to class and day rooms for the children that live in the orphanage.


With the return of an active air group, 10thFighter Wing, also more attention from the staion's Tech Squads came to the orphanage, which did a good thing for the maintenance, and brought the necesarry technological advances to the orphanage. Heating is now by steam, raised by some good coal burning boilers.


The Orphanage excepts both boys and girls from the age of three. It does not ask the reason why the children are handed over to their care, and very well knows that not all of them are orphans. The children receive schooling and training about the Glorious Kingdom of Eglen and the Air Corps, obviously.

All Children are schooled the same until the age of twelve. Then they are sent out to where their interests and capabilities lay. Some good boys will go on to the Air Corps 5001stAviator Training Squadron. Others will go to the 5002ndTechnical schooling. But most are given over to any of the guilds to become an apprentice under a master outside the Air Corps. The guilds give handsome donations to the orphanage in thanks.

Most girls will go into domestic service, some to the Air Corps' own Domestic Service Squadron, where they will take care of the bases. Some smart lasses will go on to the Medical or Administration Squadron. Most will be put to work in any of the big houses, some from the nobles others from the rich merchants, who in return will make donations to the Air Corps obviously.

Some of the children will join the Millpoint Fighter squadron


The Navy and Army of Eglen do not have a system set up like the Air Corps has. The Army draws a lot of new recruits from the local sheriff's prisons and courthouses, where they have a good eye for the local troublemakers, whom under the iron fist of the army, will be turned to good use. It happens occasionally that boys from the orphanage are sent over to the army. Which also keeps the staff at the army in good moods, as they sometimes try to press for people as the Air Corps is part of the Army.

The Navy does pick up boys from the docksides, who have become homeless, but then places them directly on ships, where they will join the crew. Therefore, they are usually a lot older than the children the Air Corps accepts in their orphanage.

The navy does like to take on girls from orphanage after their training is finished, to put to work in their own basises domestic service staffs.

Annually about 100 to 150 childeren are welcomed into the Orphanage.


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