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Library of Kalle

The Library of Kalle is a ruin located east of the small city of Kalle. For decades, it was known as a great house of learning within the Alliance of River, Mountain and Plain; however, more than a century ago the library was hurriedly abandoned, for no adequately explained reason.   Since then the library's ruins have been left to the elements, and locals and some Skybound have tried to explore the complex in search of treasure.   Amongst academics, rumours exist that some strange and forbidden tomes are located there, still hidden in some unexplored chamber.

Purpose / Function

The Library was always intended to be a repository books, as well as a safe haven for academics visiting the south of Vola. While the library in Seriana is now a much larger institution, specialist study for the agricultural and fisheries sector necessitated an area of study further south.


The library was spacious and used to have large stained glass windows to allow large amounts of light into the reading room. In its heyday, it was an example of classical Volan architecture, with its large vaulted ceilings and multi-story pathways.


The library was established in 965 HY and was abandoned in 1038 HY.   In 1145 HY, the ruins of the library were co-opted by a cult attempting to summon a demonic being. The secretive use of the library ruins continued uninterrupted until the following year, when a group of Skybound and a member of the Skylarks entered the library and defeated the cult to retrieve books hidden in a vault.

Alternative Names
The Ruby of Vola, The Old Library
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Vola

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