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Fair Winds Inn

Where adventures begin (mostly)

The Fair Winds Inn is the oldest tavern in Skyharbour. It is owned and operated by Annabelle Pilon.   The Inn is the oldest in the city, and while it is well known as an entertainment venue for Harbourfolk, it is also very important for Skybound, as the Inn acts as a dispatch station for clients wishing to find freelance crews looking for work.

Purpose / Function

The Fair Winds Inn is a very large tavern, known to many as the oldest still-running Tavern in Skyharbour. It is also well known as a mission forwarding station for adventurers, effectively acting as a clearing house for tasks. Generations ago, the original building was once the Skyharbour Shipwright's Guild, before the Guild moved to a much larger building further away from the center of the city. The Tavern's original proprietor then bought the property and established the inn, with its current name.


The building has been around for close to three centuries and used to be a much smaller hall for the Shipwright's Guild in the city. After the guild moved to a different building and the inn (already called the Fair Winds) was established, the original hall was expanded to accommodate additional rooms. Under the ownership of the second proprietor, both the neighbouring houses were bought out and connected to the original hall, effectively doubling the floor space, and allowing the inn to expand the size of its common hall.


Like most major buildings in Skyharbour, the Fair Winds Inn is built on a foundation of stone, and the first two stories are made out of a composite of stone and hardwood. The original hall (which is now the common room) looks much older than the adjacent wings, which were built up to a century later. As the small hall is now three centuries old, much of the roofing has been replaced and reinforced to prevent collapse.


The original building was built in 857 HY and was owned by Grand Shipwright Aaron Marks of the Skyharbour Shipwright's Guild.   In 901 HY, the building was sold to "Old Man" Leem, who then converted it to a tavern, known as the Fair Winds in.   In 936 HY, the building was passed down to Leem's son, Taran, who bought the two adjacent houses and connected them via corridors, converting the original building into a common hall.   In 950 HY, the complex was raised one story, and the common hall was expanded to take advantage of the additional space once occupied by the adhoc corridors. Construction was finished in 952 HY.   In 981 HY, the complex changed hands to Arum Pilon, who further raised the complex by one storey.   In 989 HY, Pilon demolished the interiors of the inn section of the complex and rebuilt it to remove all unnecessary furnishings. A kitchen was built adjoining the common hall (formerly located in one of the adjoining houses), and an additional storey was added, bringing the surrounding complex to four storeys - making it (at the time) one of the tallest buildings in Skyharbour.   In 1001 HY, the complex was passed down to Arum's son Pariam, who renovated areas of the common hall and upgraded some inn rooms to cater to premium customers.   In 1055 HY, the complex was passed down to Pariam's son Heron, who temporarily closed down the inn in 1089 HY, coinciding with the short-lasting Coup of Skyharbour.   In 1091 HY, the Inn reopened, with a new paint job.   In 1117 HY, the complex was passed down to Heron's son Kedwin. Kedwin began the business of dispatch and forwarding from clients to freelance Skybound.   In 1132 HY, the Inn moved ownership from Kedwin to his widow Annabelle, upon Kedwin's death in a shipping accident in Ioveka.   In 1140 HY, the Inn expanded its dispatch business to accept clients from Agelua.

Alternative Names
The Inn, The Big Building
Parent Location
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