Aaltieran Crown

The Symbol of a long gone dynasty, in their envy and folly they tore their own Kingdom apart.
  This ancient gold and gem encrusted crown was once the State Crown of Aaltiera, the symbol of office of the Aaltieran royal dynasty.   When the last King of Aaltiera, King Daniel IV, died without an heir there was no clear line of succession for the crown to pass to. The king had died while he was at Castle Glenwich, leaving the crown in the care of the Order of the Raven until a new king could be crowned. Five different noblemen with tenuous links to the royal dynasty all proclaimed themselves to be the new King of Aaltiera, with none recognizing the others' claims and with none willing to back down. As the inevitable succession war ensued, the Order refused to relinquish the crown until a victor could be determined. One of the nobles attempted to take the crown by force, Castle Glenwich was subject to a brief but unsuccessful siege, which the Order used as an excuse to secede from the Kingdom and self-govern. After the war lost momentum and petered out, with truces declared between all parties, the crown remained unclaimed.   The crown now resides in one of the shrines in Castle Glenwich's Raven Chapel.


This was the Crown of ancient Aaltiera, worn by the King in all of his official duties, except in battle. It appeared in the Coat of Arms of the Aaltieran royal dynasty, including those of the five dynastic branches who split the Kingdom apart in the 89 Era of Spirits succession war.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Location
Owning Organization
25cm high, 19.8cm diameter
Raw materials & Components
The crown was constructed from a circle of copper, which was then coated with layers of beaten gold leaf and encrusted with turquoise cabochons. The fabric lining is made from fine silk dyed Emperor's Purple in the fashion of the Dragaeyn Empire, Aaltiera's southern neighbour.


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