Route 3

The Northeastern section of the Achidaran Expanse is a lush grassland with small ponds and hills. The great pines of the Achidaran Wilderness become less dense the closer to Richton you are. Though not part of the Achidaran Wilderness proper, the pine forests along Route 3 closer to Evergreen City still can be quite foreboding. A stone marker can be found at the intersection of Route 3 and Route 11 about a 6 hour hike from Richton.   There are no villas or other dwelling structures along this route and is technically protected territory by the Rangers Guild as part of the Achidaran Wilderness Zone. There are 3 Ranger towers / facilities along the route that function both as campgrounds and patrol sites. Still considered undisturbed wilderness, many wild and powerful pokémon wander freely around Route 3, so trainers and travelers should be on guard.   Pokémon Found here
PokémonTime of DayRarityNotes
Rattatta (Alolan)Day, Evening, NightUncommon-
Ratticate (Alolan)Day, Evening, NightRare-
BudewMorning, DayUncommon-
RoseliaMorning, DayUncommon-
StarlyMorning, Day, EveningCommon-
StaraviaMorning, Day, EveningUncommon-
MagikarpAnyCommonFishing; ponds by Richton
SlowpokeMorning, Day, EveningUncommonNear the ponds by Richton
MarillMorning, DayRareNear the ponds by Richton
YanmaMorning, DayRareNear the ponds by Richton
Hoot-HootEvening, NightCommon-
NoctowlEvening, NightUncommon-
OddishEvening, NightCommon-
ZubatEvening, NightUncommon-
MurkrowNightVery Rare-

Trainers and NPCs

East Exit: Richton
South Exit: Route 11
West Exit: Evergreen City


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