Evergreen City

Resting within the outer edges of the Achidaran Wilderness, Evergreen City manages to balance its ancient roots with modern amenities. There are no ancient ruins, rather historic sites have been well preserved and restored in amongst modern buildings. Evergreen is the major waypoint and resting area for those traveling through the Wilderness Area. As such, there are many different styles of inns, restaurants, and shops to meet the needs of travelers coming through.   For trainers, Evergreen is also notable for its role in the Pokémon League Challenge as the home of the Grass Gym. Gym Leader Cora also was the founder of the Achidaran Pokémon Rangers Guild that still operates to this day.  


  • Evergreen Pokécenter
  • Pokémon Gym (Grass)
  • Ilex Apricorn Crafting
  • Wilderness Lodge
  • Ancient Plaza
  • Ironwood Theater
  • History



  • Cora Despin: Grass Pokémon expert and Gym Leader
  • Kellyn Almack: Chief Ranger
  • East Exit: Route 3
    West Exit: Achidaran Wilderness


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