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The First Werewolf

From our Books of Jeric Series for the Merger TTRPG/MMO   Jeric patiently waited for the coming of a New Moon, while Luna entered its New Moon phase, Umbrie waxed into its waning crescent. Hopefully, this ritual tonight will pull Luna and Umbrie back into their proper orbit, but the ritual had its risks. Tapping into Gaia’s ley lines could cause a weakening of Gaia’s hold on her offspring.   “I recognize the risk of our actions Jeric. I have heard it before.” Asoka took a deep breath. “I see Gaia trying something, we need to help her and not passively stand by, only to witness her washing sadness.”   Jeric grunted acknowledgement and kept concentrating on the task at hand. He began singing softly in tune with Gaia’s embrace of Luna and Umbrie. This was part of long-ago knowledge passed down for many generations from Asoka’s people. Asoka marveled at Jeric being a beacon of calm. This ritual was not the same as the ones passed down, yet somehow it was washing away Gaia’s sorrow.   Meanwhile, Asoka knew Jeric was soon about to commit his soul to the ritual. They had been friends for many cycles and even though Asoka knew this had to be done; it did not lessen the feeling of grief.   Asoka thought of Umbrie being in what some prophesied as the beginning of the Doom Crescent, which started a few hours ago. Asoka, with a huge grin, shaking Jeric slightly to reassure him he wasn’t alone, offering some small comfort.  
  “You said it will be hard, but your people blessed me with the knowledge to help avert this. There is no hopelessness if we defend Gaia and her children".   Asoka grabbed a damp rag; Jeric was showing the strain of the ritual. If only another could take on this task. Before the clan chieftain gathered all to sing praises for the trail Jeric was about to endure, ordaining their actions.   “The clan gave many condolences before we headed to Tulor Peak, the highest point to give the ritual its best chance to succeed." Jeric thanked them solemnly, extending his gratitude to the tribe for allowing him to be honored with the teachings of Gaia.   “Thank you, Asoka. Your dedication also shows well today. As your Chieftain, I’m comforted. I felt the “Wash of Peace.” Asoka felt the swelling of pride for the trust the Chieftain showed in them. Jeric smiled as Asoka held back tears of pride.   “Asoka has inspiring moments,’ Jeric thought to himself” I am still questioning myself for not knowing more about the clan’s rich culture. It brought Jeric back to reality as he felt the maelstrom building, almost rising in dissonance with the pull of Luna and Umbrie, concentrate, feel the magic rise, bring the two together.   And then it happened. As the magic pulled Luna and Umbrie together, Umbrie vanished, leaving only Luna. Jeric slumped to the ground, the song fading on his lips, only to be lost by Asoka’s tears. Gaia will survive, but at what cost? Asoka’s sorrow was short-lived. Under the pale light of Luna’s full moon, tufts of darkness sprouted from Jeric’s back. His body convulsed.   “Asoka RUN, Jeric snarled. The ritual has gone awry. I can’t control what is happening. “   Asoka stood and watched in a stupor as Jeric stood, his body being enveloped in rich dark fur, his face elongating into a wolf like visage. Jeric with his last bit of will” Asoka, please get out of here, I won’t be me soon”!  
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Mar 15, 2024 22:54

A lot of fantasy settings have werewolves, but don't do much to explain them outside of the obvious. You explaining how they came to be, was probably the most interesting thing I've read on the topic. Well done!

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Mar 15, 2024 23:14 by John Millington

Thanks, for our ttrpg series we want to flesh out a lot of characters.