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Ryelam Argoxi

Played by Link

Ryelam Argoxi (a.k.a. prismaticAugur)

[/container] Ryelam is an ethereal wanderer, cast to the fringes of society for his aberrant, mutant nature. He is gentle, yet detached, and yearns to someday fit in with the rest of civilisation; however, the way he looks and behaves has made this seamless integration into normal life a challenge for him. In general, he is distant and reserved, emotions kept suppressed behind his tired eyes. Despite this, Ryelam is an empath, and feels very vibrant emotions when around those who open up to him. This empathy extends into his anomalous gift; though he usually keeps them covered, Ryelam has eyes on the palms of his hands. These freakish extensions of his vision allow him to see emotions - and, through this otherworldly perception, cause him to take on the emotions of those he sees, granting him immense psionic power under the right circumstances. He can also feel emotions through his hands, particularly when they are uncovered. Ryelam is aware of the dangers of his ability and chooses to keep it hidden most of the time, worried that someday he may take on immense anger from a number of individuals, which could lead him to do heinous things. However, when he sees someone suffering, he is driven to help; and, through use of his gift, can empathise with their suffering and alleviate their loneliness. He likes helping people and tries to be kind whenever he can - although he cannot always control his emotions. While Ryelam is quite wise and understands people on another level than most, he can be a little innocent in social situations, and doesn't always pick up on when people are making fun of him.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Ryelam looks strange. His hair is messy and unkept, his irises are constantly shifting between colours, and he dresses in bright, almost lurid clothing. He wears ribbons and baubles on his large, curvy, oddly-coloured horns, where colourful butterflies like to land and rest. He usually has his hands wrapped in cloth, but, when he reveals his palm-eyes, they appear impossibly vibrant and chromatic. He is tall with a somewhat slouched posture, and has very tired-looking eyes. He usually has a faint smile on his face. (Thank you Kiwi for this amazing drawing!

Mental characteristics

Personal history

With his mutant nature manifesting itself visually, Ryelam was subject to near constant prejudice in his early years. Most of his peers treated him as an outsider for how he looked and behaved, leading him to feel like more and more like he didn't - and couldn't - belong. As he got older, and learned to control his emotions more and more, he grew more comfortable with his position as a social outcast; however, the loneliness he had to subject himself to left him feeling incomplete, and emotionally lacking. One afternoon, while walking through the streets, Ryelam noticed a sobbing rustblood, and approached her. After an initially volatile response, she disclosed that her matesprit had been culled. Eventually, she agreed to letting him use his power on her; and, through this supernatural empathy, Ryelam was able to hear the troll's story, and managed to console her and help her accept her loss. This drove Ryelam towards his life as an empath, coveting a future where he can truly fit in with society, and be treated as a troll.


Ryelam makes and sells artworks and clothing. He doesn't charge as much as he should, but makes enough money to get by. He is effectively the therapist of a number of individuals, but he doesn't charge for this service.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ryelam has the ability to see emotions through the mutated eyes on the palms of his hands. He can absorb this emotion, which can grant him immense psionic power under the right circumstances. He is a skilled painter and tailor, though his idea of what is beautiful doesn't necessarily match with what most other trolls find aesthetically pleasing.

Personality Characteristics


Ryelam wants to help everyone he can in the short time he has. He would like to ease the injustices against the lower castes, but doesn't know how; he's a healer, not a fighter.

Likes & Dislikes

Flowers, colours, art, butterflies, easing people's pain
Injustices, loud noises, things dying without having properly lived


Ryelam Argoxi


Towards Zenith Letcan


Zenith Letcan


Towards Ryelam Argoxi


Vloume Gazete


Towards Ryelam Argoxi


Ryelam Argoxi


Towards Vloume Gazete


9 sweeps (20 years)
➠Sexual orientation
Greyromantic pansexual
Mutant (iridescent)
➠Typing Quirk
Replaces "a" with "✯". Replaces the sound "eye" with the word "eye". Doesn't use much punctuation.
"The quick brown fox jumps over the l✯zy dog"
"Eye ✯m h✯ppy to proveyede ✯ssist✯nce ✯w✯"
Ryelam's lusus seems small and unassuming at first - being a butterfly-winged tardigrade about the size of a hamster - but once it expands its wings, it showers the surrounding area in vibrant, alien emotion, which can quickly overwhelm those who are near. Colourful lotus flowers sprout in the path it walks.
➠Original Planet
Heir of Doom


In Person




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