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Zenith Letcan

Played by Kiwi

Zenith Letcan (a.k.a. irifudableBastard)

[/container] Zenith is separated from life in a strange way. He often doesn't feel anything from slight irritability or slight amusement. He is numb and unmoved in emotions by most everything. Life is a game to him and life is his goal. He constantly shoves himself into dangerous situations in order to get himself killed.
Extra bits:
Constantly trapped in an emotionless state not knowing why and not wanting to cause harm to others for his own benefit. He has little skill and talents because he would rather sleep then attempt to do something that brought no reaction out of him. He does have one rather odd skill and that is the ability to see with no light given. His eyes like his blood are mutated and they produce their own light in the dark. This is why he has a hard time seeing but he just hasn't gone to any eyedoctors to get glasses

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zenith grew up without feeling and his Lusus could tell. From a very young age he was unresponsive to life’s stimuli. His Lusus made many attempts to help him but nothing would work. Tw murder one day in a desperate attempt to feel Zenith killed his Lusus It worked and he felt a strange feeling that seemed to be happiness but he knew that he shouldn't be happy about what he had done. He buried his Lusus and decided that he shouldn't live anymore. He started throwing himself at unfavorable and dangerous situations but someone has not died yet.

Personality Characteristics


he has none

Likes & Dislikes

dark humor, death, relaxing, sleeping
life, fear, idiots


Ryelam Argoxi


Towards Zenith Letcan


Zenith Letcan


Towards Ryelam Argoxi


8.77 sweeps (19 years)
agender uses he/him pronouns
➠Sexual orientation
Argo sign of the Zenith
➠Typing Quirk
It’s horrible
"Тꚕᥱ ᒅuﺃcǩ Ꙏŕ0ᐜ∏ ⨍0Ẍ jumpʂ 0ݍᥱŕ ᵗꚕᥱ lαȥჸ ḋ0ᶢ"
His Lusus was a rat about the size of his food (deceased)
➠Original Planet
Prince of Space


In Person



Character Portrait image: by Kiwi


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