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A I: The Savage Beast's Claw

Written by Neons-Mindrealm

The Savage Beast's Claw
A Legendary Blade of Alterna I: The Lands of Paradise


It is said, that right before the end of the Lands first century, a group of adventurers had wandered off into the depths of the Endless Forest, on a daring quest to hunt the apexes of the jungle themselves.
Unfortunately though, they did not find any strays close to the bridge, so they decided to venture further.
And as they were closing in on the Great Clearing, the first Malgrem of the day had finally shown his face.
But instead of a self overestimating stray, or a group of scouts out on a hunt, they were faced with nothing less but the Savage Beast.
One of the Malgrems four Gifted Ones, known for his unrivaled speed, as well as steel cutting claws the size of swords, and an unquenchable thirst for sentient blood.
The adventurers knew, that once a Gifted One had set its eyes onto its prey, escape was no longer an option to consider.
So with all their might, they faced the monster with everything they had at their disposal, whilst the Malgrem itself just treated it as a child's game and laughed at their pitiful attempts to try to slay him.
One by one, the adventurers were slaughtered, until only a young swordsman was left, who the beast simply started taunting, relishing in the fresh bloodbath of the swordsman's fallen comrades. Whilst also switching his focus to just wearing down the adventurer's weapon, to fully enjoy breaking his spirit before killing him last.
However, as the Malgrem was continuing to play with his prey, the young swordsman also unknowingly managed to wear down a single claw of the Savage Beast. Whilst defending himself from the merciless onslaught of bloodthirsty strikes.
And just as his sword finally broke apart, the claw of the beast separated from its body as well, and landed in front of the thrown back adventurer.
Briefly growling in anger after having one of his most precious possessions torn off by a mere Human, the Savage Beast lunged forward with an intent to strike down and maul the swordsman beyond recognition. But was blocked by the very same he just lost.
Desperate for his life, the young swordsman had crafted an improvised grip, made of the leather scraps of his fallen comrades' armors, and wrapped it around the more blunt side of the broken off claw. To wield it as a last stand weapon against the Savage Beast itself.
Noticing how his own claw was now being used to chip away even more of his deadly weaponry, the beast eventually gave up and retreated, cursing the man for what he has done. And promising him that on their next meeting, he will not show any mercy.
Now, after the adventurer escaped back to the Lumberjack Settlement, he handed over the claw to the local blacksmith with his still shaky hands.
And asked him if he could forge it into a weapon, to avenge his fallen friends.


The blade follows a simple yet efficient design, in which a deadly, 70 centimeters long claw of the Savage Beast is melded onto a guard-less grip made of polished timber from an Eternal Tree. With three strands of leather hanging of the seperation line of blade and grip.
Like the claw itself, the blade is curved slightly forward on its sharp side, whilst the opposite side of it is blunt and rounded up.

Main Use:

After being reimagined into a blade, its main use remained mostly unchanged.
Only that it now no longer serves as a merciless weapon to slaughter those who dare to trespass into Malgrem turf, but as a noble yet simple sword, able to potentially even cut down an Ancient Dragon.

Special / Unique Properties:

Given its guard-less grip, made of the heavy timber of an Eternal Tree, as well as the lightweight of the claw itself, the blade feels more like an extension of the wielders body, rather than a traditional sword. And can be wielded near effortlessly, with fast, agile, and precise strikes.
Which, in addition to its outstanding sharpness, can ensure its wielder both a fighting style like becoming a Savage Beast themselves, or a patient blade master standing in the field, waiting for their enemy to make the fatal mistake of striking first.

Additional Insights:

Although crafted with both fear and grief, and the intention for vengeance, a mighty blade alone was not enough to slay one of the most feared monsters of the Endless Forest.
And so, after almost a year of wandering through the dense jungle, searching for the one who slaughtered his comrades, to take revenge, the young swordsman finally reencountered the Savage Beast.
Who, just like promised, showed him no mercy at all, after seeing what he had done with his claw.
And even though the blade was able to parry some of the beast's attacks, in the end it wasn't nearly enough to slay it, resulting in the man's brutal defeat, and the beast's reclamation of his claw.
Now, the blade rests within the Malgrems tribe, mounted on the beast's trophy wall, along with the adventurers severed head, serving as a testament to never show mercy to one's prey.
And that every weapon is only as powerful as its wielder.
Item type
Weapon, Melee


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