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When the world had just been born, and before it even gained its name, there was a Dragon.

Both mythical beasts and renowned scholars and strategists, these scaly creatures are not regarded only as superstition. Dragons are thought to having been the first intelligent creatures to reach Altaros and settle down into the brand new world. Even if now gone, one can find numerous traces of the Great Civilization which once ruled the whole world.

Basic Information


Their size seemed to be dependent on the color of their scales. Red ones were usually depicted as the biggest.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragons laid eggs; they could have several of them depending on the chances, but usually just one or two at the time.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragons live very long, if not killed before their time. They can easily live to be more than 2000 years old, and these Ancient dragons are the most powerful of them all.
Genetic Descendants
Conservation Status
No one have seen real dragons in ages, even when some peasants may claim so. They have most likely seen a drake or a wyvern, which, even though distantly related to the dragons, are not the real deal. Nowadays they are thought to be extinct.

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