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The Physician Order

Public Agenda

The Physician Order studies and researches diseases to better understand them and cure them. They use mostly scientistic means to do so and keeps a distant relationship with magic and divine healing, as they believe healing and health should be accessable to all not just the gifted.


The physician order believes in science and a natural solution to medical issues. This makes it so they distrust many of the gods and their chosen few who practise magical healing through divine means, but there is one god they follow. Aastravis is the lesser god of medicine and healing. Her dogma makes her followers seek scientific and natural ways to solve their problems instead of praying and seeking divine help. She wants her followers to figure out the best and most efficient ways to save as many people as possible as she knows that gods can not always be there for those who suffers the most. Because of this the physician order follows her believes and spreads her word, the empire allows this because Aastravis is a servant of Oghma.
Founding Date
A4 384
Research, Medical
Notable Members


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