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The Dead Rabbits


The leader of the Dead Rabbits is Wendall Grimsbane who leads the entire gang directly with an iron fist. His second in command is Wysteria Heartstone. The third leader of the group is Jestrin Steelhead who is mostly used as a brute by his superiors.

Public Agenda

The goals of the group are unknown by those not part of the gang, but they have worked hard for a dew decades to keep Harthcall isolated and they have been planning big moves against Evlora. With an attempt to mind control the king of Evlora Lawrence Lionel Lockhart II the group has gotten much attention recently, and plans to figure out what their goals are have been put in place by different groups.


An exact number of members within the group are unknown, but with the power to control and silence a village the size of Harthcall has made many believe their number to be between 100-150 people.
Founding Date
A4 603
Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Rabbits


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