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Hoard of Boulders


The clan is lead entirely by one leader known as the king of boulders. Everyone else is under his rule, but if he shows weakness the clan might replace him.

Public Agenda

Their goal is to become rich, powerful and take over as much land and property as they can.


The clan is made up of around 60-70 orcs and ogres. Not all the ogres and orcs are warriors but women and children trying to live their lives in the clan.


The hoard of boulders is an old clan originally from Zadukh, but as Baranekh the stubborn took over the clan they left Zadukh. The clan became isolated from all other clans and would at times fight them for property, riches or food.

Hear the ground tremble!

Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
The Boulders
Notable Members


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