Bounty Hunter



There are no special or needed qualifications to become a bounty hunter except the ability to kill or capture whomever you are tasked to kill or capture.

Career Progression

The only career progression as a bounty hunter is by becoming better and stronger so that you can take on harder and higher-paying bounties.

Payment & Reimbursement

Bounty hunters can earn anything from 5 gold for a bounty to thousands of gold depending on the contractor, danger and skills of the bounty hunter. The better reputation the bounty hunter has the better deals and jobs they will receive.

Other Benefits

There are not many benefits to being a bounty hunter as the job is deadly and there is no certainty that they will earn enough money to pay for a comfortable living.



The purpose of bounty hunters are to kill or capture creatures or people who have a set bounty on their head either by the government or private people.

Social Status

Bounty hunters are viewed very differently depending on their reputation, no bounty hunter is viewed the same and there can therefore not be a set stereotype.



The tools used by bounty hunters differ from bounty hunter to bounty hunter. Many experienced bounty hunters have a theme or style in their work, but most new bounty hunters use whatever weapons they know how to fight with.

Dangers & Hazards

Bounty hunters die all the time and every day at the job is putting your life at stake.
Public Services
Bounty hunters are always in demand as they are killed often.
Bounty hunting is threading the line of legal work. Within some government as the Trugarian Empire on Tyrania bounty hunting is legal but there are a few rules and standards they must follow. Bounty's on people can only be put up by the empire and if put up by private people without the empires agreement is illegal. But whoever can put up a bounty on creatures, monsters, and aberrations.
Famous in the Field


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